Caritas: grow families in poverty, are 176mila. Suffers less who is better educated.

Victims of the crisis and extreme poverty: about (it was about 147 000 in 2012). There are chronically poor, but also unexpected ones:.  I continue to be the most fragile. And most people who ask for help with their family lives. Are some of the crucial points of uncomfortable situations detected by and by. The data refer to registered numbers in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ales-Terralba, Alghero-Bosa, Oristano, Cagliari, Iglesias, Ozieri, Sassari and Ampurias. The report was presented Friday to Cagliari. Since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2007/2008-says the report editor, interviewed by Monica Magro-uncomfortable situations are tripled. A special situation is the Gallura, where the flood has revealed many latent crisis-poverty said don, President of the regional-Caritas does not decrease, but grows up to become the. What you ask? Even taxes, payment of electricity bills and phone. In 2013 the recording of requests for help were against 24. 296 of the previous year. An evolving map: for the first time people (6221 in 2013, the year before were 6000) who have turned to the centers in 2013 and 2014 in the first half of the year are no longer so female dominated, this year at 49.5 percent. The class is associated with the more people listen to. The 66 per cent leans to sustain itself, even to the family and relatives. Also to have a roof and a meal. Just under a fifth lives instead of alone. : the 82 per cent, four-fifths, of the people who launched the Sos to possess a. Is there anyone who hasn’t received so much as a qualification or are illiterate. The problem that feeds is the poverty. That there is a majority, the, is without employment. Welfare-said Archbishop, President of the Episcopal Conference and Archbishop of Cagliari Sardinia-will be an increasingly important word. But must be understood in a way less relief is more promotional. It is important to offer a job to someone who needs it. Maybe with a project involving the environment, agri-food and tourism. . For extra facts on this topic visit

Paolo Gentiloni: from Margherita to the Foreign Ministry.

1954 class, born in Rome, the new Foreign Minister is a graduate in political science. In his youth he played in the proletarian Unity Party for communism (the far-left party result of meeting of Socialist and Catholic left with the Manifesto’s group). It was then a professional journalist and he directed la nuova ecologia, the monthly of Legambiente. His entry into politics partly in parallel with that of Francesco Rutelli. It was one of the founders of Margherita in 2002 and has been a member of the founding Committee of the Democratic Party in 45 2007. Member of the national leadership of the Democratic Party, in the 1990s he worked in Rome as Mayor Rutelli spokesman and head of tourism and the Jubilee. Parlamentaree the Ministry career-was coordinator of the olive tree campaign for the 2001 general election. Elected to Parliament in 2001, he was President of the Board of supervisors Rai (2005-2006) and Minister of communications (2006-2008). the party election. Elected again to the House in 2006, Gentiloni was Communications Minister in Prodi’s Government. As Minister prepared a Bill, which was approved, that would force 4 Network and a network Rai to switch from analogue to digital terrestrial (Berlusconi judged the Bill an act of banditry).   The nomination in the primaries Pd for mayor of Rome-member Parliament, elected in Rome, is part of the Foreign Affairs Committee and is Chairman of the Italy-United States section of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. In the Pd was one of the first historic leaders to side with Matteo Renzi at the Government. Just like renziano, in 2012 it is a candidate in the primaries of the Center as Mayor of Rome won by Ignazio Marino: on that occasion finished third with Gentiloni the 15% of the vote. . For more insights about this topic check

Unrest in Israel: why is Jerusalem shortly before the third intifada.

After an assassination attempt on Jewish extremists Yehuda Glick (who wants to reclaim the Temple Mount for the Jews) in Jerusalem and the subsequent killing of the suspected bomber Muataz Hijazi by the Israeli police Wednesday on early Thursday, the Temple Mount, where every day thousands of Muslims in the dome of the rock and Al-Aqsa mosque to pray, was suspended for all Muslims. Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas a declaration of war against the Palestinian people. On Friday morning the access to the sacred hill was not opened again, but for male Muslims under the age of 50. The Israeli police and border police are available with large contingent, because there should be calls for mass protests. Jerusalem is in turmoil for months and seems trapped in a succession of acts of revenge, after Jewish extremists in early July–a Palestinian boy allegedly killed as revenge for the murder of three Israeli students in the West Bank. Last week, a Palestinian killed a woman and a baby, as he drove the car at a tram stop in Jerusalem. The Israeli security forces have carried out repeated violent raids and arrested hundreds of Palestinians. In Jerusalem, there was always back to smaller and larger unrest. Because even if Prime Minister Netanyahu says that he wants to curb the flame in Jerusalem, he pushes the blame for the riots alone the Palestinians and radical Islamic Elemementen in the shoes. The explanation for this is its political goal: to make Abbas’ Palästienser authority incapacitate. Only he can so that it comes to a two-State solution. That Sweden has just recognized Palestine as an independent State, is likely only to fuel his ambition. . For extra facts about this matter click

Central Africa: establishment of a Fund for a green economy.

Environment and Central African Finance Ministers adopted Thursday in Kinshasa a text on the establishment of the regional fund for the green economy, which will focus in particular on the timber sector. This text is a first step towards the effective implementation of an overall restructuring of the economy of Central Africa around the green economy system and in particular the timber economy, said a statement issued at the conclusion of the meeting of Ministers of the economic community of Central African States (ECCAS). The Democratic Republic of the Congo, second Green reserve in the world, after the Amazon forest, announced a contribution of $ 3 million to this Fund, provided for in 2015 start. Central Africa succeeds today, for the first time, to enter the environment in the economic structure of countries in the region, said Dr. Honoré Tabuna, an expert in valuing biodiversity and economy and environment quoted in the release. It is for the States to change their business model, which is typically based largely on natural resources of the subsoil: ores, oil and gas. These resources lead the region to a largely positive growth, almost 6%, but this growth does not benefit the population at large. Some regions suffer indeed of a poverty rate up to 70%, said the release. The timber economy, which has long a gateway to international markets, currently benefit from the major advances offered by American or European markets regulatory programs, says the document. These regulations and agreements open markets new, more reliable, better controlled and whose income may be better distributed through better governance, the statement said. Our studies show that the timber economy may weigh from 3 to 8% on the major economies of the region and that it will generate a large number of jobs, says Aimé Nianogo, Regional Director for the West Africa of the International Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN). ECCAS comprises ten States: Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea; the DRC, the Sao Tome & principle and Chad. The text adopted in Kinshasa within the United Nations Conference on environment and development which was held in June 2012 in Rio, in the Brazil. It will be presented to the heads of State who will meet from 24 to 25 November in Ndjamena in Chad. . Inspirational source can be found clicking the following

To Pass, the only restaurant on an island of the river Po.

30.10. 2014 (Storienogastronomiche) it’s all a hug from Pass.  The op sinuously embraces the island Serafini on where it is located, sguisciando between the green of a plain that smacks of water and work.  The gravelly car parking surrounds you like to encourage you to make soon to enter the restaurant, after the effort of attention so as not to miss the path to arrive at the Church of Isola Serafini, 2 to Monticelli d’ongina (PC).  The handlers to physically embrace you moments, both are full of old-world courtesy.  The cuisine embraces this arzigogolato branch of the Po and pushes a little further there only when you need to get some better wine and if there are no eels local ones. At the end of lunch, instead you want to rush to embrace the Cook for the emotions that you have given us. If a restaurant is managed by more than half a century by the same family, it is inevitable that seems to you to eat with your family. A family that wants to make its own restaurant "a natural stage of coastal route of the great river, the river Po and the flavours of Piacenza, as Low respects the ancient culinary traditions and gastronomic culture". And so is. The Po River here you will find yourself in the pot, with fish species that are fished or vine wines that benefit from his influence on climate and soils.  Geologists and land experts will explain, however, that even the sausages have lots to the River: with its alluvial activity has triggered a virtuous life cycle that comes from the ground animals, passing for forages and pastures. It explains one of the secrets of the Supreme quality of meats piacentini, together with the wisdom of the men who make them.  For this is not trivial to ask the first Pass. But the same process that makes the area special salami, also applies to vegetables and vegetables. You can order a diptych for demonstration. The games: the work is classy, sneaks into the palate so intoxicating. Be careful with those two head of asparagus that are peeping at the edges of the pot: assaggiatele from Sun ,. behold, I will block the jaws in disbelief: is probably more good asparagus of Italy, or at least one of those with more personality. Aroma, crisp, lymphatic, hints the asparagine power level: there is no need to order a dish seems, those two bits already are worth the trip. It’s not over with vegetables: I wait: If chewed to closed eyes, seems to be in the country, at peace with the world. This is a land of great first, and then we break the delay and depart from the inevitable in broth, so fundamental to the Piacenza tradition that you’ll find them in the menu, because it is not necessary, there are always and always should be asked, in these parts. Pass, ravioli stuffed with meat are served in, so called because it made the three meats: pork ribs, beef and chicken.   From the classic, let’s move on to mythology: there is no other way to define the identity of Panwar dish par excellence, i cooked an legendary here. The consistency of the dough of pisarei challenge great mysteries of humanity, and the pleasantness of the collection would mean troubling the peaks of art: one of the greatest dishes which you can try in Italy and not only. It was said before the op’s fish products. Two dishes to figure out what we’re talking about.  The first, the most delicate, is usually caught in the same waters that surround the restaurant, but otherwise still good, because cascherete will from Comacchio. Transfuses and rolled up, is so cool that you’ll feel alive and starla biting into wriggles in the sweet waters of the river. Marinating has maximum respect for the characteristics of anguilla: rarely can try it in version so radical. is the fried mixture of river in the version that uses these parts. The beat acquadelle of head and shoulders the taste of competitors of the Lake, the bleak, indeed there is no need to go overboard with the thickness of the batter to make them appetizing.   Remains a cultural obligation, the stage: their meatiness, the sauce in which they arrange it respects the earthy taste. Desserts run from the area, except for, served with chantilly cream: not for all tastes, but it has to be proven anyway, if only to have the excuse to berci above a sparkling Pink version of Mamoste, or dried Negrese. . You should click this info to discover more on this great topic.

Slum in Kirchtrudering: normal is nothing here.

Ivan G. closes his heater to the electrical outlet. A small, white thing plastic with 2000 watts. Now wait, says Ivan G. and burying his hands in his jacket pockets. The heater starts to blow a minute, two minutes, and just as in the room something like heat spreads out, zack, bust out the fuse. The light goes out, the washing machine on the floor stops, the fan heater anyway. You see, says Ivan G., I said yes. This is Germany. Is this normal? That sounds rough, but reality in Kirchtrudering was over months. On Monday, were representatives of the city then moved on and had a look around: social unit, child welfare, police, fire brigade. But since then, the residents say, nothing more has happened. Even though everyone said: we help, we help, Ivan says G everything is basically as before. The drain pipe of the washing machine is still in the drain of the sink. Still the water is on the floor in the bath, bathe you must always still ice cold. And, although whether Reiter had promised on Monday to end the inhumane and illegal circumstances. . Related text can be inspected reading hyperlink.

Torre Isozaki to Milan CityLife, seen from above.

«The skyscraper which bears my name? Is the physical implementation of an idea that I have from many years: is a thrill to see it done, "said Arata Isozaki, the Japanese 83enne superstars who signed the tallest of the three towers of the City Life. Wednesday, October 29, the architect visited the construction site for the first time since the beginning of the work, in September 2012. "For me this is very important, because it is a symbolic place for the city: a former Fairgrounds which connects the Center to the site of Expo and fiera nuova. City Life is a place of connections, and my Tower, with its curved modules that give a sense of infinite progression, is intended to represent this concept. " Isozaki also recounted the genesis of the Tower: "I’m inspired by the endless column of Costantin Brancusi for this skyscraper, a suggestion that dates back to the 1940s and that I grow for a very long time. Finally I see it. And finally, after 50 years of contacts with the city of Milan (Isozaki exhibited in installations at the Triennale in 1968 and was a friend of architect Gio Ponti, ED), I can see a finished building. I’m really very happy. " The Tower will be completed by April Isozaki 2015: the hour is of Allianz, which has taken over for 300 million euros. By October 2015 will host 3. 800 employees of the German insurance company (Alessandra Dal Monte, photo frame). Additional information can be inspected checking

Missing students: Mexico – a State, no one dares.

Nearly five hours they have served together in the send Presidential Palace. The smart Leader Enrique Peña Nieto, which always occurs as a telenovela actor, and more than 80 desperate fathers and mothers in sandals, sneakers and cowboy hats. Enrique Penã Nieto spoke much on this long Wednesday afternoon in the Los Pinos Palace, he made promises and justified itself. The relatives of 43 missing students struggled to words, asked questions and denounced. The President turned to live on all channels to the people and announced, you won’t let to the search for the missing students, you will establish a Commission and send more officials in the State of Guerrero. There are no small room for impunity, the President promised. I am committed to the rule of law. Who in particular should show that his Government lasted eight minutes. For the relatives of the missing student that must have sounded like mockery. 98 of 100 crimes remain unpunished in Mexico. And in many regions of the country, the rule of law has little influence. Where 33 days ago, the students were kidnapped and probably murdered, burned and buried, is only the right of organized crime. Buying politicians and policemen, blackmailed, kidnapped the mafia, smuggling and – as in the case of students – those who come to them in the way or disturb their order murdered. While the President on television occurs, roll the large placards with the pictures of their sons the fathers and mothers, get on buses and drive into a human rights Center in Mexico City a few kilometers from the Presidential Palace. There, they make their frustration, their mistrust and lack of hope air: we trust the President and his words, Felipe de la Cruz says Sandoval, a spokesman for the families. The State does all it can to find our sons, allegedly, but nothing happens. Alive they were taken alive us we want them back. More than a month, the young are now missing, more than 50 police officers and minions of the local Mafia gang Unidos Guerrero are arrested, every day mass graves are found in and around Iguala. But the boys remain untraceable. The families do not understand that. What has grown out on September 26 as one who started many crimes in this troubled long from all joint struggle of Mexico, to the largest national crisis, since Enrique Peña Nieto took over the presidency nearly two years ago. Mexico is angry and shocked the world, because the case of Iguala and the students almost lehrbuchhaft shows how organized crime, politics, and police at the regional level in Mexico work together. Late in the night, the families get back on their buses, make the long way back to Guerrero, where they want to wait for the return of their sons in the University of Ayotzinapa further. Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval, the spokesman for the families, says: we talk with the President again, if our sons alive. . You should click this to discover extra regarding this great matter.

Poverty, Istat: “The 28% of Italians at risk”. Half takes less than 2 thousand euros.

The 28.4% of residents in Italy is at risk of poverty or social exclusion according to the definition adopted in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy. IE is in a State of "severe material deprivation" or "low-intensity work". The data concerning the 2013, comes by Istat, which released the annual report on income and living conditions. The risk of poverty is declining compared to 2012, but rooms for families. From the current issue of the Statistical Institute also shows half of households received a net income of not more than 24. 215 euro per year, equal to about 2. 017 euros per month. But, as always, in the South and the Islands goes worse: here the 50% of households earn less than 19. 955 euros, i.e. about 1. 663 per month. The median income of families living in the South is equal to 74% of the families residing in the North. Relative poverty indicator decreased by 1.5 percentage points compared to 2012 following the decrease in the share of people in severely deprived families, down from 14.5% to 12.4%. Because, fortunately, decreased from 16.8 to 14.2% individuals who report that they cannot afford a proper protein meal every two days, those who fail to support unforeseen expenditure of 800 euros (from 40.3 to 42.5%) and those who could not adequately heat your home (by 21.2% to 19.1 per cent). Remains stable, however, the percentage of residents living in families at risk of poverty (19.1%), while is in slight increase to those who live in families with low work intensity (from 10.3% to 11%). For additional facts about this matter click

Real estate: China’s empty cities.

Come on, come on, come on! Ms. Xu drives sheep, which must on the cattle truck the group in the bus, as if it were a herd. We have a lot ahead of us! It is a sunny morning, far too early for a Saturday, and Ms. Xu accompanied a squad of interested to the houses climbing – as it’s called in Beijing recently, when building for sale be visited. A seating neighbor takes off the shoes, the family behind it verdrückt fruit kilos. So the bus wallows for two hours by the Beijing traffic. The goal is Langfang, right on the border with Hebei province, people’s Republic of China. There, apartment towers in the sky grow latch latch, is aligned South – better for the light and for the Feng-Shui. The bus takes course on the Lion City. Like holiday making in Singapore, posters promote life there. The exotic is popular among Chinese real estate developers, there is also the small Maldives, Parisian dreams, Berlin sonatas. Ms. Xu warns: shows yes no interest if you do not want to buy, otherwise, the real estate agent you will hang like glue. The Group has barely entered the sales Hall, broker to plunge. One is Wu, great smile, young, smart, eloquent, he has blow dried artfully hair to the great. Mr. Wu explains the project, and of course it is so huge as real estate projects in China are, where the State awards large country to individual developers, where cities times almost overnight arise. Super convenient and Mr. Wu used discount, these words very often. He could meet prospective customers at the price per square meter, he said. Even with the credit, the development company conveniently with awards. You must not pay for five years the management fee, which all together makes a saving of 40 000 to 50 000 yuan, so 5 000 to 6 000 euros. Is there not another thing, Mr Wu? Now that the prices are so low? The quiff is the last trump card: I can me the developers still get a special discount to try. This mixture location has fired one of the hottest debates in the world of finance over the past few months. Major investor George Soros realized some eerie similarities to the situation before the crash in the United States – also with a collapsing real estate market started and later spread to the entire world in China at the beginning of the year. The financial services company Bloomberg ticks about an approaching crisis that could make 2008 look like a garden party. And titelten large German media: China’s housing market is again worried or afraid of the correction. The subtext is always the same: the decline of the real estate market in China will meet the rest of the world. Local Governments supported the building boom was like, because they finance themselves mainly through the sale of land. Also, whose leaders hoped by prestige projects being able to distinguish and ascend in the Executive hierarchy. Even borrow they were not allowed, so they took advantage of new constructs that did not belong to the regular budget to finance many projects. Himself as so often in China not always clear what state, what was private, let say, but, that huge debts were piled up. . You must visit the following hyperlink to read extra about this great topic.

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