The Palestinians seek the support of the United Nations against the Israeli occupation.

Palestinian leaders have kept his word. Without letting Flex by the threat of a U.S. veto, they did drop Wednesday night a resolution claiming the end, within two years of the occupation in the West Bank and Jerusalem – is. Riyad Mansour, their representative to the United Nations, stated, however, that this approach "does not close the door further negotiation", including "with the Americans if they wish. The text put on the table by the Jordanian delegation is amendable to putting it to the vote at the Security Council, which could not take place before several weeks. After intense diplomatic negotiations, the leadership of the PLO (Palestine liberation organization) has therefore opted for a "muscular" resolution President Mahmoud Abbas and sends a strong message to the Palestinian people, who reproached him too docile attitude towards Israel and the United States. The version drafted by France, which reaffirmed the known parameters of a settlement of the conflict, laid down a period of two years to conclude negotiations but did not date deadline for the evacuation of the occupied territories, was considered to be dilatory. "We are inspired by the french text while maintaining the focus of our approach, which is to assign a clear limit to the occupation", says Xavier Abou Eid, spokesman for the PLO. The Palestinian draft resolution calls to conclude, "twelve months at the latest" after its adoption, an agreement "that will put an end to the Israeli occupation and will guarantee the coexistence of two independent, democratic and prosperous States. Like previous peace plans, it provides that the borders must be negotiated based on those of 1967, that the problem of the refugees will receive "a just solution" and that Jerusalem will become "the shared capital of the two States. He also proposed that an international force be deployed in Palestine in order to ensure the security of Israel, but requires that IDF evacuates the entirety of the occupied territories by the end of 2017. In a discrete concession to Israeli concerns, finally, the authors of the text make reference to resolution 181 which, in 1947, demanded the creation of a ‘Jewish State’ in mandatory Palestine. "An act of war" the Palestinian initiative, unsurprisingly, was severely condemned by the leaders of the Jewish State. The Minister of Strategic Affairs, Yuval Steinitz, denounced "an act of war. "We must prepare all options, including severing economic ties with the Palestinian Authority and stop transferring taxes collected in its place", threatened this close to Netanyahu. Avigdor Lieberman, the ultranationalist Foreign Minister, has for its part likened this diplomatic offensive to a waste of time. "The Security Council should focus on more important issues for international security, he said, such as the action to be taken against terrorist attacks that we have witnessed this week in Australia and Pakistan. "The US Administration, which has warned Palestinian leaders against the consequences of a unilateral initiative to the United Nations, has not immediately reacted in turn. It is likely that it will oppose his veto if the resolution is put to a vote in the State. But it is unknown what his position will be whether amendments should be made to this text in order to "balance it. Jen Psaki, spokeswoman of the State Department, did not exclude that Washington then chose to abstain. "The question is now whether Abbas will be able to soften its proposal at the risk of frustrating its public opinion to achieve a success for the Security Council", observed a Western diplomat in Jerusalem. Devoid of real grip on the current process, Israelis are studying with a bit of concern American positioning and find that the use of the veto will more self-esteem. "It follows very closely what is happening in Cuba, says a senior official, because the rules of the game are visibly changing. By printing such a shift in its foreign policy, Obama shows that it is decided to use the last two years of his mandate to leave a trace, without fear of breaking taboos. And no one knows where that leads us,. ". Related data can be read visiting article.

LEA Garofalo: Supreme Court upholds 4 life sentences.

Four life sentences for the abduction and murder of a witness to justice calabrese, Lea Garofalo, murdered in Milan on November 24, 2009. These final convictions handed down tonight from the first criminal division of the Court of Cassation, against Carlo Cosco, former partner of Lea Garofalo, and three co-defendants, Vito Cosco, Rosario Curcio and Massimo Sabatino. Definitively confirmed the 25 years imprisonment inflicted to the turncoat Carmine Valentine. The first criminal division of the Supreme Court, chaired by Maria Cristina Siotto, has therefore rejected the appeals by defendants defenses against the verdict issued by the Court of Assizes of appeal of Milan on May 29, 2013. Valentine, in particular, it was he who, from jail, began to cooperate with investigators by finding the remains of the corpse of Lea Garofalo in a field in Brianza. During the public hearing that was held on 5 December last year, the Supreme Court’s public prosecutor had called for the confirmation of the four life sentences and 25 years sentence for Valentine. The Court was deciding, establishing for today reading the judgment. . For additional facts on this topic click info.

The Constitutional Council validates the modulation of family allowances.

The Constitutional Council validated Thursday 18 December the social security financing law for 2015, and in particular modulation of family allowances by income from July 2015, subject to a reservation. Referred more than sixty members and more than 60 senators, and centrists groups UMP, this text provides that the amount of family allowances of base will vary according to income. These benefits will be divided by two (at 65 euros monthly approximately) from EUR 6 000 in monthly revenue for a household with two children, and four (at 32 euros approximately) from 8 000 euros of income. The thresholds are relieved of 500 euros per additional child. Read: Social security: details of a savings plan to right EUR 9.6 billion, the left Front, family associations and several unions have fought this reform. "RESERVE’ TRADITIONNELLESelon the decision of the Council, the provisions of national solidarity contained in the preamble to the 1946 Constitution – included in the Constitution of 1958 – ‘do not, by themselves, obstacle to what the legislator from establishing the benefit family allowances vary in functions resources". Similarly, the legislature can "return to order the authority to set the criteria of resources and allowances." However, the Constitutional Council recalled its traditional ‘reserve’ in the matter: this Decree, says, ‘cannot call into question’ the requirements of national solidarity that has constitutional value. THE deficit of the SECUL’institution chaired by Jean-Louis Debré has however "declared contrary to the Constitution" an article referring to a decree fixing the rate of contribution to the national fund for housing assistance, which finances including personalised (APL) housing assistance and housing allowance. The assessment of a tax nature, its rate must be determined by the law, ruled the Constitutional Council. Read also the interview: Modulation of family allowances: "a slippery slope" financing of social security (PLFSS) Bill must allow 9.6 billion euros in savings, nearly half of the 21 billion cuts overall public spending planned for the next year, in addition to € 3.6 billion of "new measures" voted in the Bill for amending finance 2014. The PLFSS aims to reduce EUR two billion deficit of the social security system by 2015, primarily through savings on medicines and the acts that were considered unnecessary. . For more data regarding this topic read

5 tips essential to reach orgasm.

On the occasion of the world day of the orgasm, Sunday 21 December, an Ifop survey on feminine jouissance was posted last Wednesday. 7% of women have never had an orgasm (according to the testimony of 1006 women aged of 18 years). And 79% of women sexually also encountered difficulty in reaching orgasm in the past twelve months. It can be gifted for singing but sometimes need additional courses to sing an opera, explains to metronews Pascal Sutter, sexologist and author of desire, novel sexo-informative. For a successful Traviata, it is already de-dra-automate. There is no operating instructions universal and drastic to mount for sure in the treble, but some tracks can lead you to the highlight of the show. ► Getting good science musclesLa has proven that women who reach orgasm often reproduce certain common movements.  And it is learned, like swimming, says the sexologist. Contract the right muscles, choose any particular position or focus on its ventral breathing may sometimes suffice. As benchmarks, several modes of sexual arousal are listed, each involving a different movement. Wave mode for example calls a double pelvic tilt and shoulders to reach orgasm. Regarding the sexual positions, respondents to the Ifop survey reach advantage to enjoy as a missionary, in the position of the Andromache and the waffle maker. Still need to test them. It should be remembered that the appetite comes with eating: more on making love, the more in envy. ► Contact if your partner does not provides good stimuli (understand premature ejaculation or denial of cunnilingus, for example), hard to take his foot. Without using a Google Map route, the idea is to bring the other to its preferences. DIA-lo-guez.  ► To know even if the previous Council statement of common sense, know his desires is not necessarily innate. Your partner is not the only one to be responsible for your enjoyment, on the contrary. Know his desires, physical, as psychic (fantasies, erotic thoughts,) is essential to learn how to receive. Mount excitement and collect his desire can be learned only. Unsurprisingly, masturbation proves to be the best tool to achieve this. Doing sport, like for example, yoga can also learn to listen and feel his body, the starting point of any enjoyment. Although running a marathon will not replace a clitoral stimulation or vaginal solo. ► Pytlic Lacher’ orgasm is abandonment, recalls the sexologist.  Often, poor self-esteem and complexes are of real brakes for women. If this is your case, banish your internal mirror. Person do judge you, apart from you. Escape from the image that you are your own person on a daily basis. Surrender yourself. The G-spot, it is above all in your head.  ► to anchor itself in the absolute research Presentla of orgasm is the enemy of enjoyment. Focusing solely on this objective, your chances to reach it will be undermined. Women who wonder ‘is that I’ll get there?’ have fewer orgasms that those who have a full awareness, focusing on the present moment, illuminates the sexologist. Do you place or in the past in mulling over possible bad experiences, or in the future by apprehending the enjoyment. Just enjoy the present moment, like a meditation session, while focusing on erotic thoughts, will further lead to nirvana. . You can read the following to discover more on this interesting subject.

Nigeria: at least 185 villagers removed.

At least 185 people were abducted and killed 30, Sunday, December 14, by Boko Haram in a raid against the village of Gumsuri, located in Borno State in northeastern Nigeria, reported Thursday, December 18 officials and the head of a local militia. The Islamists took the hostages in Sambisa forest, one of their strongholds, according to two local officials who requested anonymity. A militia leader based in this region, Usman Kakanj, said his side to Agency France-Presse 191 women and children had been taken hostage. The village is located near the Cameroonian border, in an isolated close to the Lake Chad area. Mark BOKO HARAMEn April, removing over 200 schoolgirls in their dormitory at Chibok, in the same region, had created an international stir. Over two-thirds of young women have still not been released. Boko Haram has not claimed this new attack, but it bears all the hallmarks shots force that multiply the Islamists armed since 2009. In five years of insurgency, thousands of people were killed and hundreds more kidnapped, casting doubt on the ability of security forces to ensure the protection of the population. The movement is also the territory of Cameroon, where authorities announced Thursday have killed the day before more than 100 Islamists who tried to storm an army base. . Inspirational data could be read reading this page.

United States: the Laurence Haïm rant against “show info”.

Itele and Canal + viewers familiar with his face. For many years, Laurence Haïm is correspondent in Washington of the channels of the Canal + group. Shocked by the recent media coverage that made the US channels of the trial of Ferguson, who has just been elected woman in gold from media 2014 decided to push a shot of hangover against its American counterparts. In a forum published in the important French journalist begins by telling his surprise at first by discovering the strong mobilization of the US channels to Ferguson: "I turn on the post and there I see all the big stars of American TV Live from Ferguson saying: «gonna fart, it’s going to fart,.» I tell myself: ‘ what is it delirium? ” What do these super stars to Ferguson waiting it farts, while nothing is still produced?’ Associated Press announces whereas it has absolutely "come" because "it will fart", but it prevents then Paris she did not intend to go out there to cover an event that has not yet passed. She then explains her stupor by turning his television: "there I turn on CBS, NBC, CNN,," The mega stars – it is like us, Bruce Toussaint, Laurence Ferrari, Audrey Pulvar, Gilles Birch,. – all repeat the urge "It will fart Ferguson" "when there are more cameras than demonstrators, it is television that creates the event" refusing to this media hysteria, Laurence Haïm does not come on the scene. As expected, the situation degenerates to Ferguson. Correspondent Canal + asked American producers of confidence if "it’s really the war Ferguson? ” Their response: "it is really very complicated, there are 500 cameras, there are 3 buildings that burn, but as it is constructed of papier-mâché, makes big flame, and it is all online. But at the time Laurence Haïm their application how many people are actually in the street, interlocutors respond: "baby it’s a bit complicated because there is the family which was before the Court by saying he need to break everything, but objectively there is only 50-80 people. Looters who set fire and crashing showcases for stinging TV"a reality that does not disclose the media, preferring the shock and the"beauty"of the images. Refusing to be part of ‘this journalism there’, Laurence Haïm tackle then his fellow Americans and their derivatives: "I denounce the media hysteria on Ferguson, I think that it is extremely dangerous. We are at the beginning of something that is happening. When there are more cameras than demonstrators, it is TV that creates the event. ». You must check the following to discover more on this interesting subject.

The Spanish firms winning the agreement.

The Spanish tourist sector, one that has major interests in Cuba, welcomed the restoration of diplomticas U.S.-Cuba relations, that involve a relaxation of the commercial lmites or travel. Meli Hotels International is the Spanish that ms has establishments in Cuba, up to 27 hotels, offering a total of 13. 000 rooms. They include nine in Varadero, four in Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Mara in four and three in Havana. The hotel of the Escarrer family, was the first Spanish to get to the island, whose landing was not without difficulty by the Helms-Burton Act. In 2015, celebrate precisely its 25 years in the pas caribeo, where it has a new project that see the light the next year. This first step taken by the United States and Cuba to normalize their relations benefit Meli and the rest of hotel Spanish for the eventual arrival of American tourists, a story that has animated the quote of its shares on the stock exchange. It is followed by the Iberostar chain with a total of ten businesses, including four in Varadero, three in Cayo Coco and one in Havana; the Roc, with three hotels, and Barcel, chain currently has two facilities in Varadero. The hotel divisin of the Globalia group, Be Live, it has two facilities in Cuba, both in Varadero. In addition, its aerolnea Air Europa operates a daily flight between Madrid and Havana, route to Iberia, immersed in its plan of reestructuracin, dej operate the ao last not as profitable. The Blue Bay Hotel Group also has two hotels in Varadero, just like the H10 Hotel, which boasts two establishments, one in Havana and the other in Varadero, while Hotusa has an establishment in Cayo Santa Maria, as well as the chain Valent, a hotel. Tambin NH has an establishment in Havana. Occidental hotels & Resorts, controlled by the BBVA and Pontegadea, investment arm of Amancio Ortega since 2007, has decided to not renew contracts for the management of the four hotels currently operating in Cuba and which expire in December of this year. This line currently operates two hotels in Havana, a resort in Varadero, and another in Cayo Guillermo, who has decided to leave because the weight of Cuba in its activity does not exceed 1% in management regimen. Riu Hotels & Resorts also arrived at an agreement with the owner of the hotel Riu Playa Turquesa, the Gaviota tourist group to finalize the contract for management of the hotel Riu Playa Turquesa, located in Holgun, Cuba, last November, which operated from may 2012, while maintaining another hotel in Varadero. Expected to reach 3 million tourists Cuba reached 2.8 million of tourists last ao, with Canada as the main issuer market – more than a million tourists, followed by the United Kingdom and Germany and France, Italy and Spain as markets upward. In 2014, prev reach 3 million tourists, according to the Cuban Ministry of tourism data. Tourism is the second activity see on the island, with a volume of 1. 832 million euros annually, after sale service physicians, reported a 4. 400 million euros. Today, the island has 335 hotels, with a total accommodation capacity of 58. 434 rooms, of which 65% are classified into four- and five-star facilities. 71% of those rooms are dedicated to the ‘Sun and Beach’ tourism, while 23% to the city and 2% to the nature. Foreign Inversipn philosopher of Cuba regarding the investment foreign is not usual in other passes. It speaks of authorizations to the foreign investment that is confined to the punctual commending them and always in function of the needs and interests of the pas, and not a system of incentives for the foreign investment application. Therefore, there is no general incentives to the entry of foreign companies in the country. However, the foreign investment law allows temporary tax and tariff exemptions, as well as regmenes special for some investments whenever there is governmental interest. In any case, everything is subject to the negociacin between the parties and not be prevn special sectoral incentives, according to the ICEX. . Inspirational facts could be read checking this

Electoral law: ok to order day Calderoli, but reworded.

OK to odg Calderoli reformulated The Yes of the Commission came with only four abstentions (three M5S and one of Sel) and no reverse but only after the agenda presented by Senator of the League was reformulated by eliminating entirely the point calling for the introduction of a safeguard clause that put to electoral legislation system in force, as supplemented by the judgment of the Constitutional Court No. 1 of 2014in order to define even for the Senate, a discipline of primary rank. The approved agenda committed the Government to approve an electoral law that is consistent with the equal bicameralism, with a majority prize for the list that exceeds a reasonable threshold of votes cast and, if not, a runoff between the two lists that have garnered the most votes. Then the expected adoption of a system that allows the effective dissemination of the candidates ‘. Rejected the safeguard clause by clause Calderoli rejected opened it doors to some modifications to make it immediately applicable Consultellum revising both the preferences that barrage thresholds inherited from the old law declared unconstitutional. «All things that the agenda is related to Italicum and this is what we have agreed, this agenda, reformulated, with the Consultellum has nothing to do ", the part that concerned him was severed,» he explains the Undersecretary for reforms, Luciano Pizzetti, upon completion of the work of the Commission. For the Government, he added, Pizzetti, the judgment of the See is ‘ autoapplicativa ‘ and ‘ If you want you can already vote with the Consultellum». Woodland: safeguard clause Italicum?Reasonable certain date in recent days the premier Renzi had relaunched on another escape clause: the Italicum is not immediately enter into force after approval (in order to quell the fears of election in spring) but from 1 January 2016 (independently from the approval or otherwise of Senate reform). A hypothesis raised today by the Minister for forests, for which the introduction of a safeguard clause to the electoral law "it is reasonable to introduce a date certain, although in my opinion the clause does not have much political utility because we will come back to vote in 2018, and then with a new electoral law with the constitutional reforms already submitted to a referendum". Italicum, amendments within the 10 December deadline for tabling amendments to the reform of the electoral law in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the Senate will expire Wednesday, December 10 (Thursday 11 that of amendments). Today the President of the Commission and the rapporteur Italicum, Anna Finocchiaro, should submit proposals for amendments to the text adopted by the Chamber, i.e. those indicated by Radio, including the threshold for assignment of the prize, from lead to 40% and the majority prize to be awarded to the most voted list. Go-ahead goal before Christmas in the Commission objective of Radhakrishnan is the approval of Italicum 2. 0 in Committee before the Christmas break and the go-ahead of the classroom of the room after the Befana, presumably before the convocation of the election of the successor of the new head of State after the resignation of Giorgio Napolitano. . You should visit the following weblink to discover more about this great matter.

French troops in Africa: Serval to Liza.

The France undertakes in conflicts caused by the offensive of the jihadists in Africa, reported Tuesday the french media, stating that Paris Serval operation in Mali gave way last August to Liza, a regional arrangement covering a big territory as almost ten times France.  Five countries are involved: Mauritania, Chad, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. The group is unofficially called G5 Sahel. In total, 3. 000 troops are deployed. Equipped with a fleet of four drones Reaper and three Mirage 2000, the basis of Niamey (Niger) is the first beachhead of this device. The other two are implemented at Gao (Northern Mali) which houses a contingent of more than 1. 000 men and Ndjamena (Chad) where the command of the Bal operation centre.  The military on the spot reported unusual tactics used during the operation. According to le Figaro, the Sahel is reminiscent to an empty battlefield.  Twenty – three hours and fifty-five minutes a day, the enemy does not show. But for five minutes, it comes out. And here, it must be present and do not let go, says general Jean-François Ferlet, Deputy Commander of the operation. And there, intelligence is a key role.    But the jihadists are well adapted to the new conditions. They avoid attacking frontally, but preferring the discretion and mobility. Knowledge of the terrain is another factor that plays in their favour.    The France has for its part support the Spain, the United States and its partners saharo-Sahelian.    This war, it will not win the without them, stated a representative from the centre of command to Ndjamena. . For more facts regarding this topic visit


Breakthrough in the investigation into the death of Xiao Bao, the 48-year-old man Magnacavallo whose body was found in a bag along the Bank of the Po River in Mantua. The discovery happened Monday Bardell. The man’s nephew, Massimo Bottura, 19, was arrested on charges of murder and concealment of corpse and is in the provincial carabinieri command of Mantua, where he is under interrogation. The young man would have made any admission, but there are no confirmations. Massimo Bottura is one of three children of the victim’s sister who lived together with Fausto in Waedenswil. Don’t leave investigators leaked details, but it seems that the motive of the crime is to be found in an inheritance dispute. This story had emerged immediately after the discovery of the body. In the barracks family members of Bao, in fact, had reported that the man, unemployed for two years after the closure of the brick company where he worked, had recently received some not to its demands of employment and was prostrate. His discomfort had increased lately after a quarrel in the family inheritance matters. According to preliminary investigators-restorations that will be compared with the results of the autopsy-Bao was killed with a shot to stick the back of the head, then wrapped in black plastic bags two used for garbage and loaded onto a car, probably, only to be thrown into the waters of the river. It is not yet clear where the crime took place, although the magistrate has Padlocked the House and garage in Waedenswil where they both lived. Investigators are trying to figure out whether someone helped the guy in crime and to get rid of the body of his uncle. . For extra insights regarding this topic click

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