Clash between Tornado: the funerals of four riders also Defense Minister Parasher.

You have left your homes to answer a call and carrying forward a mission that has United. And what specifically has, in recent days we have heard repeated often, was the passion: a passion for flight, the passion for your service said Mons. Marcianó during the homily at the funeral of the four air force pilots died last August 19. -” The passion that Monica, Alessandro, Giuseppe, Paolo Piero lived and witnessed is not simply a desire to accomplish but much more: asking availability, discipline, dedication, training, Marciano said in his homily, in front of over two thousand people who attended the funeral, open to the public but not the cameras. The celebration took place in a hangar of the air base and the altar was placed between two tornadoes. Present Defence Minister Pinotti and presidente della Regione Maroni. -Shine like stars, Mariangela, Alessandro, Giuseppe, Paolo Papi, why the passion they felt was not an end in itself nor to satisfy themselves but, we could say, it was a passion that sheds light on others, a passion for high said Mons Marcianó that concluded you have finally found a sense of passion for what you experienced and have givenuntil the end, your life. Mariangela, Alessandro, Giuseppe, Paolo Piero: with infinite affection, moved and we tell you: thank you!.   . Similar text can be inspected reading website.

Somalia: the U.S. military operation against Al-Shabaab.

The U.S. military conducted an operation against Islamist Al-Shabaab in Somalia Monday, announced the spokesman for the Pentagon, Rear Admiral John Kirby. We are currently assessing the results of the operation and we will provide more information when the time comes, he added in a statement. Other items on this operation were not available immediately. This announcement comes in the wake of the attack by the insurgents of the headquarters and a prison of the Somali intelligence services in the centre of Mogadishu. Police had put an end to the assault by killing seven Al-Shabaab. Three members of the security forces and one civilian had also been killed, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Al-Shabaab recently conducted other spectacular actions in Mogadishu, particularly against the complex housing the Somali Presidency and the seat of the Parliament the Islamists also regularly launch attacks on countries participating in the force of the African Union, especially against the neighbouring Kenya. . Additional information can be read clicking

The buzz in the United States: a disastrous summer for US cinemas.

Americans lasseraient Hollywood blockbusters? Summer 2014 is necessary in any case as the worst American cinemas have ever experienced since 1997. Between the first weekend of May and the end of August, sales of tickets in the United States and the Canada totaled $ 3.9 billion, or 15% less than the previous year, according to the specialist Rentrak. The World Cup of football, which saw the American team realize the best courses of its history, isn’t there for nothing. But the impression of "déjà vu" is the main cause of the decline, considers the cinema experts cited by the New York Times’. Example: the film starring Tom Cruise, "Edge of Tomorrow", display a very similar title released ten years earlier ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, and landscapes reminiscent strangely film ‘Oblivion’, released last year with the same Tom Cruise. Despite good reviews, the film garnered only $ 100 million in North America, a major disappointment for Warner Bros. who had invested 250 million in its production and its advertising. . You should read the following to discover more regarding this interesting topic.

Analysis of the military situation: NATO already sees Ukraine as a loser of the Konfikts.

Russia: The potential convergence of Ukraine with the EU is already longer than political risk perceived by Moscow. Over the centuries saw Russia the Ukraine in its sphere of influence. According to critical sees the Kremlin now also the pro-Western demonstrations in the neighboring country and accused the West of stoking the insurgency. May also be the concern behind this, the pro-Western protests could skip on Russia. Putin had increases the pressure on the President-Wiktor Janukowitsch now fallen out of favor with trade sanctions and a massive propaganda campaign months before the association agreement between the Ukraine and the EU should be signed. Apparently with success. End of November the Ukraine withdrew their planned signature under the agreement with the EU. Followed Moscow’s reward: reducing the gas price by one-third and a Ukraine infectious 15 billion dollar credit for that in economic difficulties. Russia uses the slow disbursement of tranches, apparently as a means of political pressure. Even before the escalation of violence, the Kremlin urged Yanukovych not to grant concessions to the opposition or to take back and break the resistance by State violence. . Main facts can be studied checking this

The Pentecostal Boom in Italy. A Turin Church for a thousand faithful.

In Turin, the title doesn’t hold the Catholic churches, but the temples built by increasingly numerous Evangelical-Pentecostal community. As one of the "El-Shaddai Christian Ministry of Pastor Mike: 4 thousand metres of land and a former industrial warehouse with over 1,000 seats just opened on the outskirts of the city.   Via Reiss Romoli is a six-lane road that runs through an industrial area similar to a desert of shutters lowered, one meter high weeds and signs with names of companies going out of business because of the crisis. Behind a gate, an old building that another life was a glittering Japanese car dealership may have begun to live.   It will take a few more months to see the new Church completed Mce. After the spring, its early community gathered in a small rented hall, which during the week received counselling service, will finally celebrate the Sunday mass in one big at least 800 seats auditorium, with a stage at the center square meters. Until then, they are forced to do the rounds as factory.   The mass is repeated three times to accommodate all the faithful in the room next to the «young», which has 150 seats. But isn’t the only space for prayer that Sunday comes alive. For children and adolescents there are other halls in the future will be born a baby parking and spaces for the biblical teaching count 120 seats sit together.   The maxi-Temple of Pastor Mike is not an isolated case. The largest Palm if contends with the historic Evangelical Christian Church via Spalato: similar surface, but a majestic building with room for Sunday features that resembles a theatre and many more chairs for contra greet the faithful.   «We do not receive economic aid from anyone, says the pastor. " The new Church is the result of tenders and of the work of our many faithful». Increasingly large community in this time of crisis and immigration from Africa and South America, where this kind of faith is very strong. Asked how the Mce have prophetic character, healer, believe in magic use of the Scriptures and a calendar of activities throughout the week with evening meetings.   The faith of the Gospel and the preaching of the many pastors are to fill the gaps left free by the Catholic. In addition to the service to help the homeless, the new Church will host a library, an internet cafe, a kitchen. The spaces were to become less religious events and welcome as parties are open to the entire neighborhood that will find a crutch in this time of crisis in the delivery of food and medicine bags for the poorest.   . Root source can be studied visiting the following hyperlink.

Video: After debut for Bayern: satisfied Xabi Alonso looking forward to Munich.

It was A little bit of the stress of the last few days probably to see. Only two weeks change of Alonso was made perfect by Real Madrid to Bayern. In the game against Schalke on Saturday the Spaniard was equaled to the usage: Yes, Very much interesting to me were the last days. The Thunder day medical examination, then return to Madrid, to the team and the fans to say goodbye. Then back to Germany and yesterday the game right. Everything goes so fast. But, so far, so good. Yesterday was not the best game, but I’m glad that I gave my debut. Now I look forward to get to know the city and the Club. The training later on Sunday Alonso then No more was on. Many fans had hoped sure a close glimpse of the newcomer. Anyway – they were satisfied nonetheless: so, I think even that it has been a good transfer and he has played well yesterday, even though he could Not yet also play full time. And Yes, it will increase yet. I’m stuck by convinced. Well, I think as a defensive midfielder they are not set up, at the moment because very many are hurt and it was all right to oblige him. And, Yes, he has a Very much good game and Yes led the team in defensive midfield and I think that he will increase even and then he will do fine. Well, initially probably, it will take until they come in for some time. But then it will go forward, I don’t think. A couple of days still remain Alonso before then on next Saturday the Bundesliga match against VfB Stuttgart on the program. Venue: Munich close. Root data can be read visiting this url.

Mercato: how is carried out the transfer of a soccer player.

A second phase begins in late May and runs until the end of June. One sees then clearer in the intentions of each. The resumption of training nearby, coaches are in place, so it is very busy contacts during. But also complex because folders to manage are many and some players are on holiday,. Managers and sports managers are our regular interlocutors. Sometimes, coach participates, but very selectively, and with the player primarily in order to seduce him and give his game project. Between the clubs and agents, it is a role game, like any negotiation, where reports of power fluctuate, depending on whether the player is at the end of contract or not, or even if it is followed by many or few clubs,. Between the first contact and the actual signing, the amounts involved fluctuate up to plus or minus 20 to 30%. The movements of players being more numerous, players are encouraged, much more than before, to multiply career choices. Almost every season, the question arises: should we stay in a club or change? The financial aspect and the sports challenge are, obviously, the two main criteria that influence the final decision of the players. But the environment and the desires of the relatives is underestimate either. It is not easy to integrate when you don’t know anyone, and you can quickly find yourself isolated, this will affect your performance.  Similarly, for very long, it was more difficult to convince some players go play in Northern clubs, because of the climate that prevails there. Because unlike the players, always on the move, the companions they live in this environment on a daily basis and may suffer from this isolation.   . You can click this to learn extra about this amazing matter.

Bundesliga debut by Xabi Alonso: playability in any position.

Xabi Alonso of the first footballers, who stood in a key game in the starting XI of the FC Bayern, without once having entered the training center at Säben road is probably. After the final whistle, he chatted amused with the journalists. The change feels good, told the man, who is apparently not eager at the heart, but who has also A lot of pleasure to exploring new. I enjoyed the Primera Division in Spain, I have enjoyed the Premier League, now it is a great step to get into the League, he said. There are Yes footballers in their statistics brilliant values available, which is but reliable pass players, because they usually cross, because their balls get hardly any space. Alonso is different. He is a Very much a big player and will help of course A lot of the team, Guardiola said. But that night was also the world star unable to brake the Munich performance hit. . You must check this to read more regarding this interesting matter.

Test and video BMW M4 convertible – Marco! So, sounds and moves the open BMW M4.

And here’s how: open hood – 20 seconds- and then in a slightly fummeligen keys procedure enable the launch control. In sport mode, the flaps placed before the muffler are open Of course, and his evil, rich – rumbles M4 well, not quite so sick like when the V8 – song by the excessive power. Then fully depress the gas pedal – and the M4 is civilized, almost no hip swinging, but still like a steam hammer in a velvet suit forward. 4.4 the Sprint takes seconds from 0 to happy, a concise seconds faster than the previous model. On the plus side, the BMW has a few clever ideas. While it is possible in many other convertibles the wind deflector (360 euro extra charge) inelegant stowed in the trunk, it disappears when the M4 elegantly in an exactly adapted recess behind the folding rear seats. 220 and 370 litres fit into the rear, that is Ok and No more. For smaller objects, the steel roof folded in the trunk button stands out a piece. Then you can slide a jacket or a bag through the gap without closing the roof. Visually, the M4 in the full – long tired, wide and A little bit aggressive, he huddles with his thick shoes (225/40 front, 275/40 rear) on the asphalt. The three big air intake chasms are reminiscent in its angularity almost Lamborghini – and many grooves on the hood along with a subtle power dome miss their effect in the rear-view mirror probably also. . You must check this to discover more regarding this great matter.

The guard rail and put your car in an accident, 20 year old comes out amazingly unscathed.

It happened in the evening, in Sardinia, on Hwy 195, at kilometer 37, in Santa Margherita di Pula, and is very likely that the protagonist of this incident will feel a real miracle, given the dynamics and the way it came out. A 20-year-old driving a Opel, has indeed lost control of his car, finishing straight into the guard rail, with a fairly unusual ballistics, it was in fact driven to indoor growers of the car, leaving the rear window. Despite this, the boy was not struck Cagliari from the guardrail itself, probably just a matter of inches and, despite his car being gone virtually destroyed, according to L’Unione Sarda, the young man was rescued by the medical staff of 118 and reported no injury of any kind. To determine the same inspections that have been submitted at Trinity hospital. The accident, which is still felt a certain gravity initially, and that was just for some kind of miracle, has inevitably slowed down the traffic in the area prior to the rescue and then owing to work of removing debris and the car itself. . You must read this reference to read more regarding this interesting topic.

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