Morningshow “Volle Kanne”: Oh! Ah what!.

On Monday Katja Kessler was there, who has just written a book about California, and Christian Eisert, who has just written a book about North Korea, and moderator Ingo Nommsen asked Kessler, whether she could imagine ever to go to North Korea, to to look at that, a couple of days, and she replied: "Definitely, we were also in Nicaragua on the road." Then invaded Eisert – "keyword Silicon Valley", that Kim set up a beauty salon Jong-un in Pyongyang, where Koreans enlarge the breasts can settle with glass vacuum bells, and Nommsen replied: "This is North Korea 2 0" they are the conversations at the breakfast table of the ZDF-programme "Volle Kanne",. Or like the singer Thomas Anders on Friday was about the secret of their success said: "In the morning, the head is Not yet so fully." For fifteen years, there is the broadcast. Its title comes from the time when she are by Susanne moderated Slanderer, and to argue, if he wins on silliness or loses, if you still know the original meaning as a rhyme in "Volle Kanne, Susanne". Now called the programme "Volle kanne – service day", what you can To find puzzling, but for people who think about something, the broadcast is not already done. "What appreciates you as guests at this small cosy morning show"?, asked Thomas Anders Nommsen in the anniversary broadcast, and you saw how his brain was looking for an answer, before it surrendered: "Well, because it is a small cute Morningshow." And the breakfast is great, white Juliane Biedermann, which is for the fourth time to guest. It is the eighth visit for Thomas Anders. "Look for more than thirteen years Thomas Anders, Volle kanne’ past", moderator Nommsen says. "We Very much like to invite him, because he is a Very much nice guest who has a special career." So, so. What is exactly the reason for this visit, remains vague, except that soon, the 30th anniversary of "Modern talking" is what itself but also at most district inspires Anders. Juliane Biedermann has written a children’s book and is hidden an eco message, which she describes as: "At the end of the day is an expiration date on the Earth, what we need to extend as a people." One would assume that the durability date of this kind of housewife television would be long expired, but succeeded in somehow the ZDF, to extend it to infinity. In addition to the chat at the Croissant Zutzeln there are information and inspiration for people who watch the television, where to get information and suggestions, or certainly look forward, if they feel when ironing, that televised anything goes, that could be To give someone just information and suggestions. A professional handyman shows that you can assemble a corner television couch even themselves (if you have a professional craftsman at his side). "Volle kanne" Cook Armin Rossmeier makes breakfast wraps, which are quickly spirited (if you prepared them long enough). An online crime expert recommends in the Internet on the common sense – and is adopted by Nommsen with the words: "Surfing back home." A film review shows that the fitness trail is back, but now is fitness trail. The gossip section called "Ah what!", the consumer topics Rubik "Oh!" But if you cut along the 15th birthday believes, there were many great live television moments in this time: a spontaneous Yoga session with comedian Hape Kerkeling. several music performances by celebrities with Nommsen on guitar; a surprise visit by Johannes Oerding, a schluchzendes bundle of happiness and emotion made the presenter Andrea shoe. On the question, How long he still wanted do, Nommsen said: "until they carry out me on his feet" and: ", Volle kanne’ is the best basis for everything there." But what should be there already. . You should visit the following weblink to read extra about this interesting matter.

Twenty miners saved in a mine in the Nicaragua.

The accident occurred Thursday morning in the village of El Comal, near the town of Bonanza, but has been known only in the afternoon, instead of the drama in a remote and mountainous area. "Means that it y of living persons because their voice is heard, it is assumed that they are alive and efforts are being made to establish a connection with another fireplace of mine to create a bridge" to pull them out, had explained earlier in the day the local representative of the Sandinista national liberation Front (FSLN), Martha Lagos. The landslide occurred after heavy rains in the area and blocked the entrance to this artisanal mine tunnel. Initially, the families of the miners tried to disengage themselves access but the ground was too unstable and they have warned the authorities. Bonanza is part of the triangle mining of Nicaragua, where there are the most important deposits of gold in the country. . Extended information can be found visiting info.

Rated by Exchange, M5S attacks fat, who responds: instrumental Controversy.

Instrumental-I find the debate that Senators Crimi and Giarrusso are trying to unleash against me, says the President of the Senate, Pietro Grasso. My position on 416 ter was clearly expressed in my Bill that included only the addition of the words ‘ other utility ‘ to the existing formulation, the President of the Senate. As everyone knows, particularly should know the senators, the President of the Senate cannot intervene on the texts under discussion nor li may vote. In the post of two Senators-look so Fat-are referred to as if they were mine, phrases that I have never pronounced. The controversy concerned are Fat erupted the day after the judgment of the Court of Cassation which, judging the case of a former Sicilian politician, has highlighted how the new voting law of Exchange, approved in April (changing the 416 ter), to condemn you must show that the use of the mafia to assist voters is part of the deal with the clanand that therefore we need more stringent tests to prove that the politician had accepted to benefit from the strength of their intimidation of the mafias. Attacking is the movement 5 Stars. Grillo’s Blog writes the mafia won thanks to #GrassoDimettiti, Renzusconi and asks to resign for incompetence in those who occupy prominent positions in the fight against the mafia. Renzi and Berlusconi cancel the vote political exchange mafioso. According to the Court of Cassation-visit blog-according to the new formulation of 416ter, agree to vote exchange with a mafia is no longer a crime if it is not used the mafia to find votes. Davide Mattiello (Pd), Member of the Mafia and speaker of the House majority on the measure, points out that the legislator rephrasing the 416 ter, and significantly broaden the scope of application, has consistently sought to reaffirm the principle behind since the first draft: If we want to hit the exchange between the politician and the mafia, you will have to prove that the politician had awareness of contact the Mafia organization. And remember that the controversy about 416 ter reformed is not engaged on this issue, but on the extent of penalties laid down in 4-10 years old and deemed too low. For the Vice-President of the Antimafia Commission, Claudio Fava, the final text is also the fruit of the indications that we have gone from nearly all the Republic’s Prosecutors committed on this ground and associations, from don Luigi Ciotti and former Prosecutor Caselli. In the view of Senator of the Ncd Carlo Giovanardi, the principle enshrined in the modification of 416 ter on the trade vote contains a simple and elementary principle of legal civilization: I can’t find where the scandal. Unfortunately-adds-in the light of Gavino the accused must be guilty in principle, just the accusation. Is there to be afraid. . Additional data can be read checking

Landtag election in Saxony: the AfD is lurking on the heritage of the FDP.

Berlin – the FDP is fighting for their very survival. The AfD is lurking on the heritage. And by the way is the era of Christian liberal coalitions to end. On Sunday in Saxony around 3.4 million people are called to choose a new Parliament, is provided for drama. And in a country where for 25 years the CDU governed – and more probably will rule. The question is: who? If not yet a miracle happens, the decline of the Liberals in Saxony will be unstoppable, polls see it not in the Parliament for months. For the political map of Germany the consequences would be: Black Yellow still dominated here a few years ago, the combination could disappear altogether on Sunday now. At the same time the alternative for Germany (AfD) preparing to take the place of the FDP in the Parliament. Moves the Landtag election in Saxony long-term political coordinates of the Republic? Remain still the AfD. The centrist camp, she will steal A few votes. But Tillich is not the euro critics knock. The rejection of an alliance with the AfD fail sometimes but spongy. But that has tactical reasons in the first place. The SPD till ego should be only option to maintain power because the Greens fail on the five percent hurdle, the CDU needs the AfD as a means of pressure – the comrades are not too confident. Saxony should be only the beginning. After the success of the European elections the AfD wants to move there for the first time in a Parliament, so how the CDU once took it, to make right and democratic politics. So says AfD top woman Frauke Petry, 39. That could happen. Flying the FDP from the diet, this means nationwide also their end as a ruling party. In the national leadership of the Liberals will point at a new default however fond of pointing out, that only the old, tough economically liberal FDP was different in Saxony. An FDP with the Party Chief Christian Lindner wants to have anyway to do nothing more. There may be something. Stupid only that the expulsion threatens the Freidemokraten also in Thuringia and Brandenburg and they represented only in six State parliaments would be. Of optimism is nothing Liberals so almost a year after the elections to feel. The concern in the FDP is great, that the AfD in the party landscape in the future takes its place. It will be tight for the NPD. Because she got competition with the pretty far right operating in Saxony AfD, is uncertain whether the right-wing extremists see the third legislative session in a row in the Landtag. If it is not enough, then, so many of the mainstream democratic forces, see it the rise of the AfD would have at least a good. A failure would put the notoriously damp and personal strife-ridden NPD hard. A fallacy would be that however the problem would have done right-wing extremism in Saxony thus. The NPD is still deeply rooted in some communities in the Saxon Switzerland. . For extra regarding this topic visit weblink.

Syria, “humanitarian catastrophe”. UN: more than three million refugees.

It’s risen to over three million the number of Syrian refugees caused by the conflict that goes on for three and a half years.  "The Syrian refugee crisis worsens, reaching a record three million people" displaced, Antonio Guterres announced the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Unhcr) in providing the figures up to 48 hours from the UN report in which you point the finger at the jihadists of Isis recruiting children as young as 10 years old and beheading and flogging in the square. "This is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our times and the world is failing in its response to the needs of the refugees and the countries hosting them," said Guterres in Geneva. A year ago the number of refugees in Syria was two million, according to the Unhcr, which mentions "increasingly appalling conditions inside the country" to explain this dramatic increase. "The city where the population is encircled, starving people and civilians taken to target or killed without discrimination", describes the humanitarian association. There are still refugees, there are 6.5 million refugees in Syria. This means that almost half of the entire population was forced to abandon their homes, according to the Unhcr. A Syrian on eight fled over the border. The vast majority came to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. More than half are minors. "The response to the crisis has been generous, but the bitter truth is that far less than what is needed," said Guterres. . For extended data on this subject click

Solid incident aboard: departure avoids Brawl by pilot and steward.

A well played crew belongs to a smooth flight. That was not the case on board a machine of the airline Saudi Arabian in Medina apparently. Just before the Boeing wanted to roll with 156 passengers on Board at the start for the evening flight with the number of SV 319 to Cairo, came to a verbal dispute between the pilots and a male flight attendant. But the noisy dispute escalated. It came to blows and culminated in fierce fists. It came to the fight, when the plane wanted to just start, said Mutaz Youssef, Chief of the airport police in Medina, the second-largest after Mecca, Holy City in Saudi Arabia. Conclusion of the Brawl: a flight attendant of hand hurt and a captain with mangled eye. The latter had to be admitted to a hospital. According to a report of the website of Arab News, none of the passengers was hurt. After the incident, which occurred already on August 13, the rest of the crew evacuated the Boeing 777 and brought all passengers safely in a transit space. . You should read this to discover more regarding this interesting topic.

EU post horse-trading: One on the left, a right, a drop.

Personnel matters are always questions of power in politics. This applies particularly at EU level, except that they are there even more complicated. Finally, it comes to the interests of 28 countries. So the heads of State and Government must close difficult compromises and deals this Saturday. Now Mogherini it should be anyway. Because the Conservatives acknowledge that the Social Democrats have access to these items, because they have supported the election of the Conservatives of Juncker in the European Parliament. The Democrats in turn insist on Mogherini, because they To want reward Italy Premier Matteo Renzi, who cut off well in the European elections in his country. So, well, Angela Merkel will agree although there also are concerns in some EU countries because Italy already is the ECB chief Mario Draghi. Because otherwise there are many dependencies between the top offices in the EU, as it puts Merkel, is wrestled hard also to the composition of the Commission. This involves in particular the economic and monetary Commissioner. French President François hollande has for his former Finance Minister, Pierre Moscovici nominated. Merkel wants to prevent but at all costs, because Moscovici was responsible for the high French borrowing in his tenure. She therefore feared that he would support requiring Hollande’s as Commissioner, the deficit ceiling in the European stability and Growth Pact to soften and his country more time for To give to comply with them. . You must visit this hyperlink to discover more about this amazing subject.

Rome, the first case of “stepchild adoption”. The juvenile court recognizes the adoption of a child for a couple of lesbians.

The juvenile court of Rome recognized the adoption of a child who lives in a same-sex couple (lesbian), biological son of one of the two partners, who are professional free. This is the first case in Italy of stepchild adoption. " Makes known Maria Antonia Pili, Office based in Pordenone and President of Aiaf Friuli.   The couple, who lives in Rome since 2003, had a child abroad years ago with heterologous artificial insemination to realize a project of shared parenting. The Court upheld an appeal for the adoption of the child by the non-biological mother, the "stepchild adoption», already allowed in other countries.   For «stepchild adoption "means the adoption of a child who lives in a same-sex couple, but that’s biological child of only one of the two. With this measure will make it possible to recognize children born and raised in gay families the same rights as all other children, beginning with the right to adoption by non-biological parent ("stepchild adoption"), as well as already occurs in German and Finnish legislation.   . Original data can be found checking this web site.

Russian boycott: food sectors are calling for the “exceptional measures”.

"The losses estimated so far for our French courses are short term of several tens of millions of euros and several hundreds of millions of euros in the medium term," write professional encoreles, for whom "these losses will lead to reductions of heavy activity, or separations of enterprises with their retinue of jobs. Mail was co-signed by Interfel (fruits and vegetables), Inaporc, Interbev (meat), Cnipt (potato), and the Association France-Russia for the agri-food (Afraa). The Russia decided early August an embargo for a year on food products in retaliation for the sanctions that the aim for its support for Ukrainian separatists. It is beef, pork, poultry, fish, cheese, milk, and fruit and vegetables from the EU, the United States, the Australia, the Canada and the Norway. Brussels has already announced an aid of EUR 125 million to assist the vegetable sector and another of nearly $ 33 million for peaches and nectarines. A third, announced Thursday and intended for the storage of milk products, has not been encrypted. . Root data can be read reading this

Syria: Obama admits undecided against the Islamic State.

Admission of impotence or clumsiness? Statements by Barack Obama, Thursday, concerning the absence of Washington strategy against the expansion of the Islamic State in Syria, aroused very strong reactions in the United States.  On the ground, civilian populations continue to suffer combat between the army, the jihadis and the rebels.  While 43 peacekeepers Fijians are detained by an armed group, the Islamic State has execute 160 soldiers of the Syrian army in the North of the country.   "We do not yet have strategy", acknowledged Barack Obama, during his Thursday press conference, sweeping the possibility of air strikes against the positions of the ultra-radical jihadists in Iraq.  The American president said that he was working on a project both military and diplomatic to defeat the EIS on the duration, hammering that it would be "neither quick nor easy. He ruled out bombing in the short term in Syrian territory. "We need a clear project", he said, before a meeting on the evening of his National Security Council. Barack said, moreover, that the United States did not have to choose between the regime of Bashar al-Assad on the one hand and the Islamic State other. "we will continue to support moderate opposition because we must offer an alternative beyond Assad or the IC to people in Syria," he said. The words of the president have aroused strong reactions in the Republican camp. "This confirms what we say since almost two years: he did no real strategy", said Mike Rogers, president of the House of representatives Intelligence Committee. "Everyone knows that you can stop the IE in Iraq (,.). without touch to what is considered to be their base, their capital in the East of the Syria. " More than three million Syrians have fled the civil war ravaging their country and became refugees, including one million in 2013 alone. "The Syrian refugee crisis worsens. It crosses today a new heading with the record figure of three million (displaced) people", announced the High Commissioner UN for Refugees (UNHCR), adding that the figure did not include the hundreds of thousands of other Syrians who have fled the country but were not registered as refugees. AFP PHOTO/ALI AL-SAADISoixante fifteen Filipino peacekeepers stationed on the Golan Heights stand ready to fight to defend their position against the Syrian rebels. The rebels who block since Thursday demand that they lay down their arms. No shots were exchanged. We can make use of our weapons to defend the positions of the United Nations, explained colonel Roberto Ancan, responsible for operations of peacekeeping within the philippine army in Manila. "Our soldiers are well armed, they are well-trained (,.), they are disciplined peace-keeping soldiers. The soldiers retained occuepnt two posts strengthened UN force in two remote locations in 4KM of this region of the Golan shared by Israelis and Syrian, under control of the United Nations since 1974. AFP PHOTO / JACK GUEZAu less than four hostages held by the jihadists of the Islamic State have been subjected to the simulation of drowning, the Washington Post reported on Thursday. James Foley, kidnapped in November 2012 in Syria, has been repeatedly subjected to this torture, says the daily close on condition of anonymity. "They knew exactly how", says this source, indicating that the hostages, including American photographer executed, were then held at Raqqa, in the North of the Syria. This technique was used by the CIA in its interrogation of suspects after the attacks of the 11 – September. The CIA has captured dozens of people suspected of links with Al-Qaeda, and used methods such as the deprivation of sleep, setting bare of the inmate or the simulation of drowning. . Original data could be found reading this

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