NGOs criticize cuts in health in the development aid.

And it is that since the or 2009 espa ola n round Stud has not stopped down. There was a slight increase in 2013, but it has not been significant enough to recover the ca da. Specifically, the past or, Espa to destin a 0.16% of their GDP to ODA, far from the average of all donors – that pr practically double the 0.3% – and n m s of the famous 0.7%, it s comply five pa ses: Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and United Kingdom. Adem s, forecasts for 2014 are a new descent, with a decrease in the game dedicated to health of almost 60%. Sector organizations see this figure especially alarming at a time in which international health needs are immense, with a crisis of ball has already surpassed the 14. 000 infections and 5. 000 deaths. M from doctors of the world argue that this epidemic is not a coincidence, but the consequence of the increase in inequality, adem s of you wing the ball is a virus that has been known since 1976, date from which there have been 24 different epidemics, but the danger was not considered until not has affected us directly. . Extended info can be found visiting article.

French executioners of the EI group: Cazeneuve regrets the excesses of Le Pen.

The Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve deplored Wednesday the excesses of Marine Le Pen, which establishes a link that does not have to be between the Muslim religion, immigration and terrorism, after the identification of two French in a video of the Group Islamic State. The Minister has pointed to the inconsistency of the national Front, which establishes a link that doesn’t have to be between the Muslim religion, immigration and terrorism, while the acts committed by these terrorists have nothing to do with the Muslim religion, and that immigration is unrelated to the issue of terrorism. Evidenced by the case of these two identified french terrorists, who had no foreign origin and were not young people from immigration, said Bernard Cazeneuve. I can only regret the excesses Marine Le Pen, even today, indicating that there are 4. 000 jihadists from the intelligence services what is wrong. I visited the public figures, he added. 1. 132 French are implicated in channels jihadists, whose 376 would be currently in Syria and in Iraq, said on Monday the Attorney of the Republic de Paris François Molins. Calling for accountability, (in the) rally and (to) the truth in national unity to deal with terrorism, Bernard Cazeneuve again addressed to young French, cautioning them against abject propaganda that they can undergo on websites or blogs. Switch in terrorism, go in Iraq or Syria to commit crimes, it is a direct go to the physical death or psychological, I ask them to confront the monstrosity and the barbarity of these terrorist groups, he said. Wednesday, Paris made public Wednesday the identity of a second French alongside Maxime Hauchard among the executioners of the Islamic Group who participated in a massive decapitation last weekend. He is a young man of 22 years of Portuguese origin, Mickaël Dos Santos. . You should click this to learn extra on this great subject.


The nucleus of comet 67 p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is covered by a hard shell of ice. And ‘ what emerges from the first analysis of data sent from Philae shortly before you doze off last Saturday. Before you run out of battery power, the little mission Rosetta lander had managed to carry out several experiments and send the results to Earth, where scientists have begun to analyze. Now, pending the complete analysis of the official publication of the results, the Rosetta team has begun to disclose some preliminary information. First of all, the lander would end up on a block of ice so hard to break even MUPUS, hammer designed for breaking the surface. But that’s not all. Philae’s instruments also have sniffed the Comet, revealing traces of organic molecules, which are those that contain carbon and that are also found in living things. Extraordinary results for the small lander, that already at this stage has started to revolutionise our view of comets. Philae has got to feel the comet’s nucleus first of all thanks to drill SD2, the work of Italian researchers. The activation of the drill, authorized before the battery of Philae exhausted, should have penetrated the surface for at least 25 centimeters and have brought some samples analysis tools in the belly of the lander. These operations were confirmed, but there are still details about might. Quite different is the story of the multi-purpose Sensors for Surface and Subsurface Science (MUPUS), which is the tool with which Philae began hammering the comet’s surface. If we compare the data with laboratory measurements, we think that the probe has met a surface with a hardness comparable to that of solid ice commented Tilman Spohn, principal investigator of MUPUS. . Extended text can be inspected clicking

Burger King Announces German Filialbetreiber.

Burger King said this difficult, but necessary decision was made after the Yi-ko repeatedly not has followed the contractually agreed working conditions for their 3000 employees of the restaurant. The dismissal constituted only the last step, so Burger King Manager Andreas Bork. The other 599 restaurants of chain in Germany operate as usual should continue. In the communication it was now called, despite initial successes they have need to determine that yi-ko had again breached agreements. So, the said shareholder continually took influence on the day-to-day business. Also be contrary to employment contracts has been, and layers in the restaurants had been understaffed. According to the RTL editing, now made cancellation is based on new research results to hygiene and working conditions at Yi-ko, which have confronted the management of Burger King nearly a week ago. A Burger King spokesman said: the perception that may look perhaps so. But it is right that we are on the topic for some time off. A so far-reaching decision will not be made overnight. So things have converged. . Original facts can be found reading the following

Why the case Tapie could (maybe) start from scratch.

Moreover, Bernard Tapie has anticipated this decision and already claimed the week last in the tribunal de commerce of Paris to designate new umpires to examine the appeal lodged by the COR. One of three former umpires have been put under investigation for scam in organized gang and the other two having been placed under the status of witness assisted in the criminal investigation on arbitration. For Me Jean-Georges Betto, counsel for Mr Tapie, the request of the former boss of Adidas does not to bypass the Court of appeal, which he says wait with serenity the decision, but to ensure that a new arbitral tribunal "can meet the most quickly to restore the honour of (its) client, his lawyer and three arbitrators" implicated in this case. In its conclusions, the Prosecutor found last June that the action was at any point admissible: one, the Court of appeal of Paris is quite competent to judge the case because "the Prosecutor considers that the arbitration is internal, not international," said a judicial source at le Figaro, confirming the information by France Inter. Two, the Prosecutor believes that the judicial review is admissible because the deadlines have been met and that fraud, suspected by the police of the financial brigade, is true, taking into account the elements of the statement. The Court of appeal of Paris will examine the record Tuesday at the courthouse front bedroom 1 1 pole, but his decision will be known in January next year. As designated jurisdiction will then say if the judicial review is admissible or not. If this is the case, "we start again the entire case, the debates on the merits will be reopened and there’s for at least two years of procedure, indicates a source close to the dossier." The question which must be addressed: credit lyonnais there, yes or no, defrauded Bernard Tapie? On the other hand, says this source, in the event of termination, all stops". Criminal, six people have already been put under investigation for scam in the band organized in the pane Ministerial affair where investigators suspect a "travesty of arbitration": the umpire Pierre Estoup, Bernard Tapie, his lawyer Maurice Lantourne, the CEO of Orange and former Director of the cabinet of Christine Lagarde at the Ministry of the economy Stéphane Richard and Jean-François Rocchi, former president of the COR. The Director General of the international monetary fund, Christine Lagarde, was made in examination by the Court of justice of the Republic for negligence of a person vested with public authority that led to the destruction, diversion or embezzlement by a third party of public funds. Last update in review dated, that of the former senior civil servant Bernard Scemama, November 10. . You can visit the following info to learn extra on this great subject.

German Chancellor extends the Russian threat to the Balkans.

Merkel did not specify why she suspected Moscow to have such projects. However, according to her, the greatest danger and that Europe and the USA are divided. Europe and the USA must stand at a common line in their relations with the Kremlin, she said, repeating literally what Obama had instilled him just before meeting with Vladimir Poutine. And that, judging by the anti-American demonstrations in the countries of the EU, is no longer an imperative for the old Continent. In fact, Merkel personifies the doubts of its partners. She has called for dialogue with the Russia and acknowledged that the sanctions were harmful. She objected to their hardening, which practically predetermined the outcome of the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers. Germany, for not to spoil the taste of the visit to Moscow of Frank – Walter Steinmeier, German Minister for Foreign Affairs, could not let the European Ministers strengthen the regime’s restrictions. Their decision to extend the prohibitions to the leaders of the republics self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk is rather a way of slowing down, even if it was intended to show that the West remained on guard and could at any time overshoot. But all this is not so much a signal to Moscow to Washington, to not be suspected of cowardice. . For extended information on this matter click site.

Left Pd with unions Renzi must listen to them.

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) A declaration intended to reignite the controversy in the Democratic Party. Asked by Shaun Kitchener. itsullo general strike called by the Cgil and Uil for the December 12, Stefano Fassina, leading exponent of the minority Democratic Party, says: I shared the objectives of mobilatazione. Have important issues with respect to which certainly are not appropriate answers, starting with the proxy to work. So despite mediation the Jobs Act doesn’t go well? Dry: No response. Fassina then if the take with the Chairman of the Board: Renzi should hear more about represents millions of men and women who work or have lost their jobs or have a precarious work. What they’re doing. As for the Cisl’s decision not to strike with Cgil and Uil, former Vice-Minister of the economy uses strong words: from the point of view of the workers, the unitary mobilizations are the best solution. And then I hope we can reassemble the Union front. . Original facts can be studied visiting this

+++ Ebola-news-ticker +++ – new Ebola suspected in New York City.

The Ebola epidemic keeps the world in suspense: the WHO has registered more than 10 000 cases of Ebola. Almost 5 000 people have already died. The second Ebola patient was now reported in Mali. The enlightenment but clearly shows success. 09 36 pm: New York fear a new Ebola case: as reported the daily mail, afternoon (local time) died yesterday in Brooklyn a woman who was – until recently returned from Guinea one of the countries which are particularly affected by the rampant epidemic of Ebola. Witnesses reported she have bled from the nose and mouth. Special units of the new FDNY had picked up the body in protective suits. She will now be investigated on Ebola. A result is expected Wednesday afternoon New York time. However, the woman daily study leave after returning from Guinea and had shown Ebola symptoms so far no. Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 06. 34 pm: A Cuban doctor has infected in Sierra Leone with Ebola. The physician should be flown out in consultation with the World Health Organization (WHO) for treating to Geneva, as State media quoted a notice of health authorities in the Cuban capital of Havana on Tuesday night. The patient’s condition was stable. The doctor is one of 165 Cuban workers who are deployed in Sierra Leone. In the fight against Ebola, the Caribbean State has sent 256 helpers to West Africa since October as a whole. 20 42 am: at a 26 year old Indian has been determined after an emerging over Ebola disease of pathogens in his seed. This was announced by the Indian Health Ministry on Tuesday. The man had been isolated at the entry after India at the airport in New Delhi. Although the pathogen no longer was detectable in the blood, but in the seeds of man, so the Ministry. He must remain on the isolation ward until he’ll tested not more positive. Otherwise, there is the risk that Ebola can be transmitted during sex. India carries out – like many other countries, at the ports and airports of screenings, where passengers will be interviewed, and their temperature is measured. Health experts fear dire consequences, should make it the deadly virus in the country. Some of the most densely populated cities in the world located in India, and the health care system is not well developed. . Similar facts can be read checking info.

Effect of ZMapp: the weaknesses of the Ebola virus.

Researchers have discovered where exactly is the active ingredient ZMapp used against Ebola. The show, where the Ebola virus were vulnerable, and could lead to new drugs, reported the team led by Andrew Ward and Erica Ollmann Saphire by the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in La Jolla in the journal of proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Therefore bind two of antibodies to a protein on the lower part of the pathogen. You seem to prevent entry of the virus into the cells. The third antibody binds to the upper part of the virus and could act as a kind of signal, to direct the immune system of the body to the infection. In a study published in August in the journal Science, other researchers on the current outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia had discovered 300 mutations within 99 studied Ebola virus. That makes the search for vaccines and medicines difficult, as is any docking points for remedies on the virus surface repeatedly changed. New structural analysis indicates, however, that the places where the ZMapp antibody bind to, have been relatively stable. An indication that the virus will probably develop no resistance to ZMapp any time soon. ZMapp has achieved good success among other things already in rhesus monkeys. All 18 infected animals in a study published in the journal nature have been cured, although some symptoms of already significant at the beginning of treatment. Whether ZMapp is produced by MAPP biopharmaceutical in San Diego, works in humans, it is not yet certain. Only last Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) has dampened hopes of a speedy cure of Ebola. There are currently no approved vaccine and no treatment for the virus. Regardless of the ZMapp research the charity wants to test various therapies to cure the disease doctors without borders in December 2014 to medical centers in Liberia and Guinea, previously tested against other virus infections. three different so-called monoclonal AntikörpernMapp biopharmaceutical Inc. Tabakpflanzendem genetically modified immune system with ZMapp in the serum called ZMapp is helping three people to a cocktail. ZMapp, known in studies also MB-003, is made by the US company from San Diego. Be used, from which the antibodies are isolated and purified. But the production takes months. 2012 first appeared in a study in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which describes the effect of the serum. Later experiments in monkeys showed that the antibody, infected cells to eliminate – also if you administered the serum after the first signs of Ebola fever broke out. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa were treated to mid-August: A missionary and a doctor from the United States, as well as a priest from Spain who is now deceased. It is entirely unclear whether ZMapp has helped the Americans. Also what side effects it can have in the people. manufactured MittelTekmira PharmaceuticalssiRNA Moleküleersten TKM-Ebola treatment tests on people Rasche is genetically engineered, which is produced by the Canadian company in Burnaby. There is little genetic snippets, so-called, which should slow the replication of the virus. The Tekmira had started in January. But the US FDA had attempts for lack of data about and lack of how the therapy works data on the safety of the drug, initially interrupted. Meanwhile, the FDA has released the study again under certain conditions. TKM-Ebola also showed effect in experiments on primates. On the contrary to ZMapp but it could be that TKM-Ebola immediately suitable only for one after infection with the virus. Advantage: The medium can produce faster than ZMapp. Protect vaccine before of an infection with Ebola. VSV-VakzineImmunabwehr this stimulates antibodies to produzierenVSV-EBOVnur to monkeys and getestetNewLink not on human genetics of Corpvom German Centre for infection research in addition to the funds, which are designed to help patients, there is the Ebola virus to defeat, also in the development. Should one of the vaccines was originally created by Geisberts team of researchers from the laboratory. 2005, the scientists published a study of the so-called for the first time. Stomatitis consists of the vesicular virus, a virus that is closely related to the rabies virus and whose Erbgut is genetically modified so that it can cause more in the people although not a disease, but nevertheless, scientists at a such VSV vaccine called, which so far has been researching the also in Canada. On August 13, the Canadian Health Authority declared that it will provide vials VSV EBOV WHO 800 to 1000. The company holds the license for the vaccine. She announced soon in a first human clinical trial to test the VSV vaccine in cooperation with U.S. special forces, Defense threat reduction Agency (DTRA). To do this, more doses of the vaccine will be produced in the next few weeks. The Imfpstoff could be tested according to the virologists Stephan Becker of the University of Marburg from autumn to people if enough doses of vaccine available stand – and found financial backers. . Root facts may be found visiting the following

Housing, fire in the night in a home on the outskirts of Milan Aler.

Fire in a building in via Cheating, in the suburbs southwest of the city. Yet to clarify whether it is an accident or an act of arson fire grew, on Tuesday night, in a venue Aler, the company that manages social housing in Milan. Has not yet been clarified whether this is an arson or an accident. Firefighters went in place, a building in via Cheating, in the suburbs southwest of the city, around 2. 30 at night after reporting that smoke was coming out from a window. The offices on the first floor, in fact, had caught fire some desks. Are yet to ascertain the causes, but the fire occurred after another day of tension for the housing issue in Milan, after yesterday were cleared two social centres in zone Corvetto, where clashes with the opposing area continued until late in the evening. Monday, however, were violent scuffles broke out in the area of Giambellino after eviction of a couple from a house owned by Aler. . You can visit the following to read extra regarding this amazing subject.

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