Order of doctors appeal to not vote.

In Italy these days we are disheartened and stunned abnormal growth, extremely dangerous and undemocratic of disaffection with a unanimous vote condemning the policy which has led to a lot of disaffection for the normal activities of a democratic nation. Oblige nicely with 24,000 entitled to carry out election undemocratic in just three days, 30 hours of initiation of seat, means (while preparing dozens of polling stations where express well 15 names) prevent the legitimate expression of no less than ten thousand eligible doctors, not being physically possible, given the physical laws of impenetrability of the bodies, able to ensure the vote is legitimate and free to all eligible: calculating that on the ballot shall be given 15 names, in 10 minutes could vote no more than 4 doctors that multiplied by 30 hours are about 15.000 voters out of a total of eligible with 24,000. As you well know all the doctors, then, wins the elections who is able to ensure a share of colleagues or "friends", "sunset camel rides troops" willing to physically protect polling for the three days of voting, to prevent other colleagues to be able to freely express their electoral will, even outside of aggressive conditioning "troops made from camel rides" strategically placed at the entrance of the polling station. All when, in the third millennium, the same order of doctors among the first orders in Italy, has kindly included some activated to prepare and disseminate certifies mail (Pec, available to about 50% of doctors) that easily can ensure, for example, a free, unconditioned and especially not physically prevented voting expression. Endorse again in 2014, going to vote, similar to an elective mode organism so delicate and important as the order of doctors, the physical impossibility of the free expression of rated for no less than ten thousand eligible doctors, paying tribute to the oligarchy, is not democracy!. You must click this http://fd5b4c4842cb89d97c781ba98fd84df6.joshprice.biz to discover more regarding this interesting topic.

Riad Sattouf, Grand prix RTL of the comic for the Arab future.

Grand Prix RTL of the comic was awarded Thursday to Riad Sattouf for L?Arabic of the future (Allary), shocking and hilarious history d? a child of the 80s who grew up between Gaddafi’s Libya and Syria’s Assad. Far from the clichés, moral prejudice and diplomatic dogmas, Riad Sattouf tells in this album everyday d? a child, son d? a Breton and d? a Syrian, lost in a world and a time that the West has ignored. This album is one of? rare works that exceed their kind. With + L?Arabic future +, we are no longer only in the comic but in a? major work which places his hero alongside Gavroche, Tom Sawyer and Oliver Twist, stressed this 11th edition jury of journalists of radio and booksellers. At the top of sales since its release, L?Arabic of the future has been praised by the critics and the public. For filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius, one of fans of the comic, it is part of? works that explode their format. Riad Sattouf engages in its intimacy with lucidity and relentless accuracy. J? was struck by the expressive power of Riad Sattouf. This blend of charm and brutality makes us reflect on stereotypes of l? human species, said l? former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hubert Védrine, quoted by RTL. Each month, RTL rewards a BD. Nine albums winning the year compete for the Grand Prize. . For additional information on this matter read http://fd5b4c4842cb89d97c781ba98fd84df6.joshprice.biz.

Between sea and reliefs, the basque country.

Juan Aizpitarte is one of them. Artist and videographer, cousin of Iniaki Aizpitarte, head strong gifted restaurant the Chateaubriand and the Dauphin in Paris, he lived "between the two sides. The day, Juan runs a centre of art located in San Sebastian. In the evening, it goes back to Socoa, 25 kilometres along the ocean, where he lives with his girlfriend and his daughter born in October. Like many premises, it "takes advantage of the framework», surfed on the beaches without encouraging a country or another, and occasionally rises to the mountain, he said"magnificent ". Divided into seven provinces (four Spanish, three French), the basque country (Euskadi in the text) can be explore slaloming between their two nations, devoid of border crossings for seventeen years. The arrival is by Biarritz and continues along the coast where the waves are impressive from September to December. The crossing of Saint Jean de Luz Announces already the Spain and especially San Sebastian, approach. Small 30 km apart, the two cities have similarities. A same bourgeoisie (the historical sweater knotted on the fact shoulders part of folklore), thalasso in common, a similar topography culture (orientation and curve), wind and identical tides. And beauty also. A large part of San Sebastian has changed in the 19th century. The town was rebuilt after a series of devastating fires. For decades, walkers arise near water, mesmerized by the huge sand (500 metres long) Bay and the two huge rocks that the cut. Families and friends gather here to discuss along the beach. On accoude at the la Concha barandilla white railing, symbol of the city. "It is a border between the wild world and the civilized city," notes Juan Aizpitarte which has turned it in one of its facilities. The coast has experienced strong waves of hotel construction in the 1960s. The mountain, more severe and traditionalist, slightly resisted tourist tsunami. It is less than an hour to the East. No road follows the border, it would be too simple. Today, the passage from one country to the other is painless, sometimes invisible. To the wire of the years, the Mugalari, smugglers from another time, turned into legend on tells between generations. These smugglers were the traffic in any kind with their neighbours, so far so close. But some of them braved the danger in these fire areas where they helped resistance to cross the lines of the wartime Spain and then against the nazis. Now, it more likely nothing, except to get lost on the "alternate routes". The French still pick tobacco, alcohol, gasoline, fruits and vegetables in the South. Spaniards rise North buy oil peanut by hectolitres, milk and medicines. Iberian, there two tantalizing success never contradicted defects: slot machines and still active brothels. "It is perhaps not noticeable when we spend little time here but cultural references are not as porous as the lands. The two sides remain very different. The Spaniards are probably more sympathetic while remaining more closed to French culture"says Juan Aizpitarte. In the mountains, the latter rain, the traveller knows that he will meet with frequent rain, Irish green landscapes, winding roads, forests topped with mushrooms. at the entrance in the land, we pass by the town of Etxalar and his collar. Hunters from Northern goshawk and porcini mushrooms to wring out the fall as Iraty side french, for the same reasons. An old connoisseur advises from Zugarramurdi and its caves of witches. Here, four hundred years ago, it burned down men, women and children to acts of witchcraft. In 2014, we sell dolls to the pointed hat at the corner grocery store. at Urdax, we cross school children who play ball at the foot of the Church. They speak fluently basque, so complex language for which remained in latin (the most ancient dialect of Western Europe is affiliated with any known language). Their school (in Ustaritz "to the North") is bilingual and is doing very well since "many parents return to total immersion teaching in recent years", says the teacher. for Sare, on the terraces, means rather to speak french, English and Japanese. Salazar was one of the first "most beautiful villages of France", sought after by the small communes. It is highly typical, almost too beautiful, seductive like a big cake. The Saratars are accustomed to the passage of tourists (the former chemin de Compostela arrives at the village). "But they are also very Basque," said a restaurateur. Hear: Very attached to what we do not invade. The Abertzale (Patriots) have not disappeared even though the hard branches of the autonomism dropped weapons. SARE and plane are at the foot of the la Rhune massif. It climbs in two hours and is not nothing. The summer passed on this rocky road, we cross black horses in full meal of chestnuts and a few large cows. Not a human soul that bright if we take well. At the Summit, the 360-degree view gives an impressive overview on the region and on what there is still to discover. . You can click the following http://fd5b4c4842cb89d97c781ba98fd84df6.joshprice.biz to learn extra on this amazing topic.

Long term unemployment has exploded since the election of François Holland.

It is this evening at 6 p.m. that will be known for the month of October unemployment figures. If there is nothing to suggest the results, we already know that the employment situation is disastrous in France. "Let’s be honest: we failed", acknowledged the Minister of labour, François Rebsamen, in Paris on 24 October. End of September, following another increase, the France had 3.4 million unemployed registered in category A to Pôle Emploi (without any activity), according to the Ministry of labour. Either 508. 000 more than the election of François Holland. This is to say that the head of State has failed its bet to reverse the curve. Since his arrival at the Elysee, the number of participants in category A has declined that on two occasions (excluding bug SFR), in October 2013 and in August 2014. The picture is just as bleak taking with people seeking a position but who performed odd jobs (class B and C employment Pole). September ended with 50. 200 additional registered in categories A, B and C together. At the end of the third quarter, more than 5.1 million French were either devoid of any activity, either in underemployment. More worrying still, the number of long-term unemployed has increased by,. 30% since the presidential election: 2.2 million people are now enrolled in job since more than one year (A, B, C). Seniors have been particularly affected by this phenomenon (44% of increase in long-term unemployment). Moreover, despite the use of assisted contracts (in this case the jobs of the future), the number of under 25s unemployed climbed 9.5% between may 2012 and September 2014. Or the Government had made the fight against youth unemployment its priority,, For extra data about this subject visit url.

Blog Hall level II: never discuss with a dementia.

My careful explanations and I bounce against a wall. Stunned. The doctor has said to Grandma that dementia is getting worse grandpas. But so,.? OPI, your brain there just a few little things messed up got, that’s all,. – Stop talking such nonsense! He yells at me. Yes I know what happened! But this is still illogical. I just spoke to the nurse and she said -,. You not to talk to the others for me! He sounds almost shrill. But we need to replace us yet, so you’re okay! I notice how my despair is constricted by the anger and also my voice rises. NO! Let this post! OPA has set up his torso, his face is similar to that of an angry, old Eagle. You always says that I’m lying. But this is not so! Slowly, I wipe my a water droplet from the corner of the eye with the knuckle of the index finger and apologize to him. I’m sorry, OPI. I should’ve listened to better friends. Breathing space for both of us. Every person has his own reality. Two people can experience the same situation completely differently and both are true. If you say that the ‘Man, do not get angry’ have played here with you and push has the a you, then that will be so. I told. Of course, OPI. You are right. He falls back on his pillow. I ask him a can of Tröstebonbons on the bed. He eats the five at once liked. I know but that sometimes is not about, mumbling what I say, he Lal and with mouth full. I just don’t know what. Oh, you know–doesn’t matter in fact, Grandpa. Next time I think you right. . Inspirational source can be read checking the following http://fd5b4c4842cb89d97c781ba98fd84df6.joshprice.biz.

Champions League: a triple of Mandzukic sends Atletico in 8th.

The attacking Croatian Mario Mandzukic, author of a triple against Olympiakos Wednesday (4-0), provided to Atletico Madrid its qualification for the 8th in final of the champions League, where the club vice-champion of Europe should still play the disorders festivals with his defensive aggressiveness and his formidable efficiency. Recruited in the offseason after the departure of Diego Costa in Chelsea, Mandzukic give full satisfaction to the Atleti: Wednesday night, he scored a goal Fox (38) and head (62, 65) two shots after the opening of the early score by Raul Garcia (9). The classification of group, Atletico has 12 points, three more than Juventus Turin, with the Colchoneros will go on the ultimate day to gain first place in the pool, synonymous with priori more affordable in the fourth round opponent. This wide success confirms at least the rise of the Madrid club, which has just string together four consecutive wins in C1 without conceding goals after his initial defeat on the lawn of the Olympiakos in September (3-2). That day, with a broken nose, Mandzukic had scored what proved to be inadequate but had much pleased the colchonero public. On the other hand, Wednesday, it was no longer an Atletico in break-in as early season, it was a ultradominateur Atletico, with a pressing of hell, as in the finest hours of the 2013-2014 campaign. As early as the ninth minute, Raul Garcia, preferred to Antoine Griezmann to kick off, opened the scoring at six metres after a Center by Juanfran. And opportunities began to rain on the Greek goal: Mandzukic, in particular, was taken while he was single purpose (36), but the former Bayern Munich is is caught up shortly after pushing at the bottom centre of Ansaldi thanks to a huge rate of Defender Alberto Botia (38). Same pattern in the second half: Mandzukic who misses her face-to-face with the goalkeeper (59), then Mandzukic which marks. Twice even, and head, first on a pass from Arda (62) then a kick off of Gabi (65). What get applause well deserved the Calderon Stadium to his replacement at the end of match by Griezmann, who could join the party if his goal of head on corner had not been refused by the referee (88). In short, a nearly perfect for Atletico, with night for senior black point exit on injury at the break of the Portuguese Tiago. . You must click this resource to discover more on this interesting topic.

Del Bosque says that Sergio Ramos was wrong to speak of commitment.

Coach Vicente de el Bosque reviewed today’s selection after a call with the word commitment in tow. The coach criticized Sergio Ramos, one of the captains, who slipped that some players did not have the same commitment with the national team than with his club. Sergio Ramos was wrong, he should say that, said the coach in the microphones of Radio 4 G. Del Bosque also spoke about Diego Costa and his acclimation to the Spanish national team soccer. It has suffered because it has not given us everything we expected of it and it has finished playing with anxiety, it broke down with benevolence. Still costs that Spain remove the feeling of failure that the surrounds after World of Brazil, where selection even came alive to the last match. In the world we were athletically inferior, we play only party and a good half. In office since Luis Aragonés ended his career in 2008, Del Bosque took during the interview "as normal is to stop the selection after the euro". The next continental tournament will be held in two years in France. Path of that tournament, where Spain will also defend the title which already revalidated in Poland and Ukraine in 20012, Del Bosque is still testing the waters of what will end up being the new Spanish team, still with scraps from here and there. We can win the European Championship, I think we’re in position to fight with the best teams in the world. The coach also spoke about Xavi Hernández, who ended his career with the national team after the World Cup of Brazil. Del Bosque said that it sees him as a technician in a few years. . You should check the following http://fd5b4c4842cb89d97c781ba98fd84df6.joshprice.biz to discover more on this interesting topic.

Keywords: infidels for Dna, discovered the genes of treason.

Milan, nov 26. (Reuters Health)-Infidels because of Dna. Science provides a new alibi for partners prone to extramarital escapade, pointing the finger at a possible inheritance of ‘ defect ‘. According to a study by a group of Australian researchers at the University of Queensland, led by Brendan Zietsch, 63% of the treacherous behaviour in men and 40% in women may be linked to genetic interference. In other words, Dna us zampino and pushes to treason. In particular, the team has identified a single gene in women whose variations may make them more prone to infidelity of torque. Zietsch and colleagues-in a study reported by the ‘ Sunday Telegraph ‘-examined data about 7. twin 300 between 18 and 49 years of age, all engaged in long-standing relationships. Of the sample, 9.8% of males and 6.4% of females had had two or more sexual partners in the previous 12 months. Scientists have compared the habits acquired both among identical twins, who share the entire genetic heritage, is not identical, with different Dna. Through specific analysis models are then analyzed as behavior differences were linked to genetic makeup. Our study concludes Zietsch-clearly shows that the genetic structure of people influence the extent to which they are prone to have sex outside the ‘ official ‘ report. . You must read the following http://fd5b4c4842cb89d97c781ba98fd84df6.joshprice.biz to discover more on this interesting subject.

The UMP at a point of maximum quartering.

While the left is r sume its impotence, the right is r reduced d now its violence and combating death that engage men exacerbates the fragmentation of the id es. Between lib federalism and tatisme for the economy, europ isme and sovereignism for g geopolitical, conservatism and progressivism for the company, the UMP happened e a point of cart entry maximum. Back right-handed and Nicolas Sarkozy flameless, concomitant flight n ocentriste of Alain Jupp, highlighted lumi re r alit id ideological orientation of the UMP: what s pare its different pr sidentiables diff is now more important than what unites them. Beyond these programmatic differences, deep philosophical s foss appear between the continents of this multidroite: since the presidential election of 2012 campaign, in fact, it is divided e on its principles, it is d chire around its DNA. The explosion of its values and its m nera proposals that its structures, pr e cipit by business. The UMP is more than a d e chir, o envelope to escape the miasma of discord and the sparks of hatred. The best that it be esp rer is a victory by d need the pr residential of 2017, face Marine Le Pen and gr this to the leftovers of civic spirit of the country: so right g rera country without unit, without real legitimacy and originalit – and it fail. The worst that can happen to him, it is to align several pr trending in the complete triumph of discord, in the first round of the presidential election pr. Then, the second, between Marine Le Pen and the candidate left, part of the readers and some leaders of the UMP will choose the patron saint of the FN, and this will be the end of the right. She can still avoid this catastrophe, noting several d fis. First, write a Charter of its thunderous and founding values, which l ve any ambiguous t gard Sara protectionism. Then, let r 50s invent the functioning of the UMP and lead the construction of program for 2017: this g n ration is not able d disengage a leader charismatic, but she only can imagine a modern party and think the France-led to a five-year term. Finally, turn its e pens to the strengths of the France, and stop sowing electoral hopes in the wounds of the country. It propose it positive that she can reconqu ITR really Fran ais, not by the simple sardonic commentary on the failures of the left. Believe that a leader, whatever it is, can make the Crumb tray is an illusion. The French want more this h t roclite pudding and misleading that offers the right since the death of g n ral of Gaulle. If it does not emergency chooses the path of Refoundation, pr f re go to 2017 in the hypocritical unionism and only want to be able to, the right cannot conna tre than two destinies, also fatal one than the other: a primary so bloody that the winner will come out bruised and weakened, or no primary at all, and in the first round of the presidential election pra fatal Cannibal madness. � . Related facts can be inspected checking homepage.

EU, Padoan cold on piano Juncker: ‘ not yet decided whether to help fund ‘.

The Italy was among his more "sponsor", the beginning of the semester of Presidency of the European Union. But, in the face of the long-awaited investment plan signed by Jean-Claude Juncker and approved Tuesday night by the EU Commission, the Executive’s reaction Renzi is lukewarm to say the least. Because the cylinder of Juncker came out a rabbit far thinner than expected: only 21 billion, 8 of which among other things consist of resources "reallocated". To multiply for 15, turning them into 315 billion investment can increase the gross domestic product of the Union "from 330 to 410 billion" and create "1.3 million jobs in more than a year," is left to the effect of leverage.  Hence the coldness of Economics Minister Pier Carlo Padoan, who, on the sidelines of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, has not lanced on the credibility of the leverage of one to 15 expected by the Commission ("is a reasonable figure, but must be evaluated ex post") nor on the possibility of Rome put on additional funding. Explicitly provided for in the option plan, that favors providing, as requested by Rome and Paris, the exclusion of those resources from the calculation of the national deficit. A perspective that clearly does not meet the Italian Executive, who presented a "book of dreams" of 87 billion overall value in the next three years.  So much so that Joshua has got their hands on explaining that the package of the new Commission’s number one "will take several months before it is put into operating condition" and "in the meantime, you can already now do something": "there are bankable projects and there are resources for finance through the European Investment Bank. In short, the plan that seemed indispensable last summer is now although a "first step" for the turnaround of European economic policy aimed at creating jobs and growth.  "A very timely initiative", of course, because "it serves a positive shock to avoid the risk of stagnation". But Joshua did not hide in his speech to the European Parliament, "we must do everything in a hurry. Citizens expectations are growing as is increasing the risk of a disappointment ". . For extended about this topic visit http://fd5b4c4842cb89d97c781ba98fd84df6.joshprice.biz.

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