San Giovanni, the complaint of Storace: «Elena, 74 years old, died because he ignored doctors ‘.

Mr Zingaretti-writes Storace-floods us daily with its press releases in which informs the world that now the Lazio region the best in the world, but forgets to make the news more serious, heavy, dramatic: at San Giovanni in Rome happened that a dead woman for responsibility that no one knows yet, but everything was put on the back burner. From April till today no newspaper has learned of the sad fate of a poor woman, Elena saved entry alive in the hospital and uscitane corpse. Last night-Storace-continues I deposited a questioning on the case and I hope that Zakout responds without digging in behind the bureaucratic process. a case on which a self-respecting Governor you have to dash to claim to know the truth to the people. The April 22, 2014 at 16:30 Elena Saved, 74 years old, is accompanied by the 118 to the emergency room of the Hospital San Giovanni. The woman is assigned to code yellow, which is one of the less severe. The next day, 23, parked in short observation. The next day, but at night, she falls out of bed with a massive blunt trauma to the knee. But the fall-according to our sources-is ignored, overlooked, neglected by doctors and various staff of the Department. Mrs. Saved remains without assistance and supervision. The story takes on decidedly more dramatic connotations on the night of April 25, when she falls out of bed again and slams his head violently to the ground. Of course, there was no one at the bedside even on that occasion. But the severe and the patient falling is practiced a CT scan, after which there is a hematoma to orbit and is subjected to a neurosurgical intervention; afterwards, Mrs. Saved comes out of the operating room sadly comatose and transferred in the Centre of San Giovanni hospital Resuscitation; a few days following surgery, namely at 16.40 on May 3, 2014, Elena Saved dies. This 74-year-old woman’s corpse out from a hospital after being left alone and without assistance, no supervisors. No newspaper-said Storace-ne still talked about to this day why you put the silencer on the matter. But even the walls speak and now we publish this sad story. We don’t know if it was already aware of the President of the region; but from this moment even Zingaretti knows, if has not yet read the question tabled in the evening yesterday. We all have a right to know what happened; who decides on the seriousness of a hospital and how access code; who should be responsible for the patient and why alone. Questions awaiting response. If you don’t get a reply in any hospital everyone would feel to do as they like because then you don’t learn anything. We’re covering. Can happen if it should not happen. But hide no. a kind of concealment of corpse. At San Giovanni in Rome a dead woman for responsibility that no one knows yet, but everything was put on the back burner. Her name was Elena Rescued, alive in the hospital entrance and exit corpse. . Similar text can be found reading url.

Low growth: Valls calls on the EU to act.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls has once again called Thursday the EU to accompany the economic policies of the Member countries to invigorate the weak growth and fight against very low inflation. Europe must accompany policies that lead today the Governments in each country, to counter the effects of weak growth (,.) and (of) a too-low inflation, found not only in France but in all the euro area countries, including Germany, said Mr. Valls on RTL. Beyond the measures we take, and we will not change because the cap must be maintained (,.), it is necessary also that the European Union should take a certain number of provisions, he said, citing as an example the plan investment of 300 billion euros to fight against unemployment announced by Jean-Claude Juncker on 15 July, day of his election to the Presidency of the European Commission. The Prime Minister also reiterated that the euro is now too expensive, too strong, which has including the effect of disadvantaging the eurozone exports. . You must read this info to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Sentence of death by injection in the United States: a condemned man succumbs after an agony of two hours.

He panted, growled, suffocated and searched for his breathing for about an hour and forty minutes, denounced his lawyer Dale Baich, even went as far as filing a motion in emergency to the supreme court so that it stops the execution, while the prisoner was still alive more than an hour after the injection. The Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer has defended the legality of the execution while expressing worried about its duration and ordered an investigation: one thing is certain, the Wood prisoner died in a lawful manner and has not suffered according to testimonies and medical conclusions, she said. In the last 24 hours, Joseph Wood had filed several appeals in the courts of Arizona and up to the highest level of American justice, challenging the veil of secrecy surrounding the proceedings in that State, as in many others practicing the death penalty. Like many convicts before him, he had denounced the risks of suffering that it might incur during its execution, in the absence of information on the products used, their origin, their method of manufacture and the qualifications of personnel responsible for injecting. . You can visit this to discover extra about this great subject.

When the European Commission invests in fibre optics in France.

"It is a first," Neelie Kroes, the European Commissioner for the digital strategy, which had made the trip to Brussels welcomed. "Young entrepreneurs, startups need very high flow to introduce their innovations. And we see that innovative financing can make very broadband to more people and more companies. Every European citizen should be connected. To all those who want to invest, I say, get inspired by what happens in France, draw lessons and grasp the opportunities offered by digital! » Arnaud Montebourg argued that we are ‘in times of fiscal scarcity’ and ‘the France contributes to the EIB.  "With the Minister of finance Michel Sapin, also present, it felt that"the mobilization of the European instruments must be amplified, in France and elsewhere in Europe.  "He also expressed his desire for a reform of the EIB," the prudential excess BEI. ‘.  "But he praised the action of the European Bank in this «project bond», whose intervention,"by guaranteeing a portion of the risk associated with the project, makes it possible to its funding in good conditions.  "Specifically, this bond led by Natixis, which would have been largely oversubscribed by institutional investors and European publics, helped Axion to receive a better rate than a simple bank credit and a longer maturity (eleven years).   . You should read the following source to discover more regarding this interesting subject.

Facebook double its net profit in the second quarter thanks to the pub.

The results of the online American Facebook social network have continued to soar in the second quarter, worn especially by a leap of mobile advertising revenue while its users are more and more. The Group announced Wednesday have more than doubled its net earnings to 791 million from $ 333 million a year earlier. Earnings per share, which serves as a reference to Wall Street, has exceeded 10 cents the average forecast of analysts, to 42 cents. The sales, which leapt by 61% to $ 2.9 billion, is also slightly above the $ 2.8 billion anticipated by the market as the previous quarters, the bulk of the turnover comes from advertising, which displays revenues increased by 67% to $ 2.7 billion. It is a little less impressive than in the first quarter, where turnover was off 72% and advertising revenues of 82%, but this slowdown was expected due to a less favourable comparison: it is from the second quarter of 2013 that the efforts of the group in mobile advertising had really begun to reverberate in its accounts. Mobile in advertising revenue share has continued to grow, reaching 62% in the second quarter after 59% over the first three months of 2014, and yet zero two years ago. The first social network online in the world saw the number of its users continue to ascend: claiming 1.32 billion active members monthly late June, against 1.28 billion end of March. And the number of those who log on daily, a key variable because it reflects the commitment of users, is remained stable to 62.8% after 62.7% in the first quarter. In electronic trade following the closing of the New York Stock Exchange, Facebook action was 3.23 percent to 73,59 dollars to 20 H 30 GMT, evolving beyond its record close of 72,03 dollars, reached on March 10. . Extended info can be found visiting page.

Foot: PSG has Nice (2-1) in a friendly.

PSG is in progress. At a little more than two weeks of the resumption of the Ligue 1 on 8 August in Reims, and in only ten days after the champions trophy against Guingamp, the capital club is imposed against Nice (2-1) through a first very convincing period. Quickly ahead thanks to a goal of Jean-Christophe Bahebeck perfectly served by Zlatan Ibrahimovic (3rd), Parisians showed great technical mastery. They have even doubled the score thanks to a goal from the head of Marquinhos on corner (36th). Less at ease at the back of the locker room, PSG has logically conceded a goal, signed (73rd) Honorat. What worry Laurent white focused on the physical preparation of its players. "I am happy that we have won tonight, but it goes to the second plan, said the coach Parisian. The purpose of these games there is to increase our volume at the physical level. What matters to me the most is not having injured boy. It is a good thing. » . For more data about this subject click

The staff of the Festival d’Avignon voting against a 3rd day of strike.

The Avignon Festival staff voted Wednesday against a third day of strike Thursday, which the appeal had been launched by the coordination des intermittents and the CGT Рshow, after having voted to strike on July 4 and 12. The participation in the vote held Wednesday was low: 221 on 875 registered voters, or 25,26% of participation. 103 voters voted against a strike Thursday, or 46.6% of the vote. 51 voters were in favour of a strike only Thursday (23%) and 48 voting for an extendable strike every day from this date. The call for the strike aims to keep up the pressure while the dialogue set up by the Government Thursday its last meeting before the summer break. Each show will decide Thursday whether to play. But mobilization seems to be breathless in a festival launched at full speed, with three days only from lower curtain on 27 July. The last demonstration last Saturday had gathered a hundred people, despite the appeal to viewers to express their solidarity. The two previous strike days had resulted in the cancellation of the two inaugural shows the first day of the festival, July 4, and nine shows on thirteen July 12. Employees in at the same time sent a letter to president Fran̤ois Hollande, sent to AFP and other media Europeans. They recall the President his sentence of January 14: it is not at a time of high unemployment to reduce the rights of the unemployed. According to them, the new convention of the Unedic signed by the Government and entered into force on 1 July reduced the rights not only of the intermittents but all the unemployed, to make savings. Mr Fran̤ois Holland, we offer today for having the courage to be the voice of social justice for all of Europe, request letter. Do us not fail once more and take this opportunity to give back to your Socialist Party, which you are currently the gravedigger, the true meaning of the word socialism. The collective intends with this letter expand our social struggle in all countries of Europe. Indeed, many artists met at the Festival this year affirmed the importance of defending the exception of our system of unemployment benefits as an example for their respective countries, he said. . Original facts may be found reading the following

Mafia: seized assets for over 4 mln to clan leaders Palermo 3.

Palermo, 23 Jul. -(Adnkronos)-goods with a total value of over 4 million euros have been seized by the police of the Nucleo investigativo di Palermo, on provision of prevention measures Section of the Tribunal. The military has implemented three decrees, aimed at confiscation, against Joseph Lo Verde, 57 years, accused of being part of the Mafia family of Tommaso Natale; Giuseppe perfect, 57, who according to investigators in charge of the management of extortion on behalf of the family of Palermo-Corso Calatafimi. Fresh and Antonino, 56 years, accused of having played the role of intermediary, on behalf of the Mafia family of Palermo-Villagrazia, buying cocaine and had provided the premises for refining. All three were arrested in the anti-mafia operation ‘ Perseus ‘ in December of 2008, he had foiled the attempt of reconstitution of the provincial Commission of Cosa nostra in Palermo. The goods subject to seizure, according to investigators, are the result of ” years of extortion, arms trafficking and international drug trafficking, ”. The inspection of assets, then, have made it possible to establish ” a clear disproportion between income ” is declared and movable and immovable property in the actual availability of the three. The measure included many companies, shares, buildings, flats, villas, plots of land, vehicles and bank relationships. . Original source may be read checking this info.

Separatists shoot down two Ukrainian fighter jets.

In the Eastern Ukraine, the pro-Russian separatists have shot down two warplanes of the Ukrainian air force. It had been located two machines of Sukhoi-25 type, which were been taken to Donetsk on Wednesday against 13 30 over the area east of the stronghold of the rebel Sawur Moglja, said a spokesman of the Defense Ministry in Kiev. Currently nothing is known about the fate of the pilots. A spokesman for the separatists said: A pilot saved himself at Sneschnoje via the ejection seat, the second machine flew north on the first hard hit. The separatists on the retreat, were in the competitive East Ukrainian industrial centre of Donetsk, which is as one of two major cities in the hands of insurgents, reported the Ukrainian military. You have given up positions on the outskirts and retreated to the Centre of the city. Inhabitants of the city reported that separatists had dug outside the University in the trenches of the city centre. In the halls of residence the insurgents were last housed. In the Donetsk region were 432 people killed since the outbreak of fighting in spring according to employees in the healthcare sector and 1015 injured. . For extended data on this subject check page.

+++ NewsTicker to MH17 +++: Australia’s premier worries about corpses left behind.

Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott expressed concern about the condition of the bodies probably still at the crash site of the accident flight MH17. The recovery of human remains in the Eastern Ukraine was run previously unprofessional, Abbott told Australian media on Wednesday in Canberra. After a first sighting of bodies rolling stock in Kharkov we must say: we simply do not know how many bodies we have, cited inter alia the newspaper Herald Sun the head of Government. The recovered flight data recorder of the crashed Boeing have arrived in the UK. A spokeswoman for the British Ministry of transport says. We can confirm that the two flight recorders are brought by MH17 of the Dutch safety authority to download the British air accidents investigation authority, the spokeswoman says. The British authorities had previously declared that all results would be delivered to the competent authorities and not released in the United Kingdom. Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott suspected many of the bodies still missing after the crash of flight vehicle over the Ukraine remains at the site of the disaster. It is quite likely that many corpses are still out there unprotected in the European summer, interventions from outside, as well as the heat, and animals out, Abbott said in the capital Canberra. He demands a comprehensive systematic search at the same time the still missing death victims at the crash site. The rescue work had been so far quite unprofessional. The recording of the radio communications between the pilots of the crashed airliner and Ukrainian air traffic controllers is located in Kiev at the secret service SBU. It was unclear whether and when the records would pass international experts for analysis, says a particular unnamed SBU employees according to media. The authorities had seized shortly after the crash on July 17 the recording in Dnipropetrovsk, it says. Investigators hope the radio traffic among other things information about whether the Malaysian Boeing 777-200 could changed their flight route over the conflict zone in the Eastern Ukraine. Despite the harsh criticism of the British Government to Russia’s behavior in the Ukraine crisis, companies of the country must continue to deliver weapons and military equipment to Moscow. Total 251 export permits with a trading volume of at least 231 million pounds (about 167 million euros) are still in force, as shown in a report for the Parliament. The licenses therefore concern under other sniper rifles, ammunition for small arms, protective clothing, and night vision equipment. Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone rejects demands to cancel the Grand Prix premiere in Russia. He would respect the agreement with the organizers of the race in Sochi to 100 percent, the daily mail quoted the British. British leaders demanded a cancellation of the championship run because of the worsening of the Ukraine crisis and of the presumed shooting down of a passenger plane over the Eastern Ukraine on October 12.   After the alleged shooting of a Malaysian passenger plane by pro-Russian separatists, German politicians call the alignment of the World Cup 2018 by Russia into question. If the Russian President Wladimir Putin not actively involved in the investigation of the plane crash, which is World Cup 2018 in Russia, and unimaginable, says Hesse’s Interior Minister Peter Beuth of the Bild-Zeitung. Similar remarks also come from the Greens. The Netherlands received on Wednesday in deep mourning the victims of the plane crash in the Eastern Ukraine. A plane with the first coffins are expected in the afternoon against 16: 00 from Kharkov in Eindhoven. There, they are expected by members of the Dutch Royal couple and Prime Minister mark Rutte according to a Government spokesman in the Hague. After landing the machine, a minute’s silence will be held in the country. Wednesday is a day of national mourning on Government directions. 193 Dutch killed had come in the crash. . Original source can be found visiting the following site.

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