It happens in Europe: Silvio Berlusconi rallied to gay unions and the “right of soil”.

Times have changed since the building west side overlooking the square of the Republic saw a few years ago individuals, mostly tourists, have to queue for a tour of the place including a tour of the glass dome. Could be also to rest from a long tour on foot in town on the wide steps in front of the building. It topped with the motto "Dem Deutschen Khushwant" (to the German people) and is no longer a place if open. Containers and barriers now prevent direct access. The tail is formed before the x-ray control, giving the impression that it wants to penetrate a military camp. These measures date back to the time of terrorist threats by Islamists of Al-Qaeda. If these do not materialize, the security measures remained. The public is not permitted to circulate on the side is the building where penetrate parliamentarians, attached, journalists and other visitors. Leaving two not the Brandenburg Gate in his back, the quidam faces, him, barriers that prevent cross the square overlooking the Spree River on the other side. The high place of the legislature is so locked somehow. A journalist of the FAZ, head of the political Department, remembered yesterday the distant time of the former Federal Republic in Bonn, with his Bundestag which passers-by could stroll and watch the arrivals of political figures, came sometimes walk weather permitting. This, despite a climate stretched in the lineage of the terrorist attacks carried out by the famous bande à Baader (or Red Army faction). In Berlin, the Parliament is now properly protected, assured in police community. No need to do more at this point, because if terrorist threats exist on the Germany, of Islamic origin, they are still virtual. And it is hard to imagine the capital decide for example to build a wall around the Bundestag, while she prepares to celebrate the 25 years of the fall of the wall of shame that would cut the city in half between 1961 and 1989. . Related info can be inspected reading

The EU agreement to reduce by 40% its gas greenhouse by 2030.

Deal! At least 40% emissions cut by 2030. World’s most ambitious, cost-effective, fair #EU2030 climate energy policy agreed #EUCO – Herman Van Rompuy (@euHvR) October 23, 2014 plan plans to reduce by 40% gas emissions greenhouse by 2030 compared with the 1990 level. 28 heads of State and Government also agreed on two other goals: bring the share of renewable energies to 27% of consumption and 27% of energy compared to 1990, said Herman Van Rompuy. The first is binding at the level of the EU, but not the second. The objectives are well below what could be done by Europe to combat climate change, said friends of the Earth. For Oxfam, insufficient action on the part of the richer countries puts the burden on the poor, the most affected by the change in climate and the least responsible for this crisis, responded Oxfam. The sharing of effort within the EU was central. The debate pitted mainly poor countries, mainly from Eastern Europe, which still largely depend on the fossil such as coal, and the richest energies that rely on nuclear power or are already engaged in the energy transition. The Portugal and Spain, which are very isolated from the European networks hope to fund through this construction of interconnections via the Pyrenees.  The improvement of interconnections is part of tools to increase energy EU independence, an issue made even more critical by the crisis in Ukraine and threats to Russian gas supplies. . You must click this to read more regarding this interesting topic.

Millions for the Jihad – extortion, looting, oil trading: so was the IS rich.

Extortion, looting and trading on the oil black market: Earned the Islamic State millions in illegal ways and may finance as his war. The United States want to turn off the Geldhähne. By illegal oil sales alone Islamic State (IS) deserves the terrorist militia according to the United States every day about a million dollars (791st 000 euro). Ransoms to hostage-taking had introduced the extremists also around 20 million dollars (15.8 million euros) this year, said the Secretary of State in the US Treasury, David Cohen, on Thursday. Theft, extortion, and partly also donations from supporters outside of Iraq and Syria, it would add. "They rob banks. They ravage civilization in the Iraq and Syria thousands of years, by looting and selling Antiquities", Cohen said. "They steal livestock and crop farmers. And contemptible erweise sell them abducted women and girls as sex slaves. "Also, the extremists entertained important connections to secret financial backers in the region of the Persian Gulf. When the oil tapped IS a long-standing and deep-rooted black market, which connect distributor in the region. After the promotion, the extremists sold oil to smugglers. They bring it outside the lands ruled by the jihadists in Syria and in the Iraq. The oil in large tank trucks and small containers will be transported. The raw material will sold at discounted prices to middlemen, according to US information on some of the Turkey. Some oil from areas controlled by Ibrahim had been sold even on the Iraq Kurds. The Syrian Government of President Bashar al-Assad also had a deal for oil purchases by the Sunni militia. The population and those who travel through an area or doing business there, would also blackmailed by a sophisticated system, Cohen said. Cash will required a raw force of arms. "The owner of a grocery store, who refused to pay, has been warned with a bomb about his shop." The relatives of other Zahlungsunwilligen were abducted about religious minorities had to pay special taxes; "The best financed terrorist organization, we ever faced IS probably", Cohen said. The Ministry of finance work therefore with high pressure, drain the money sources, such as sanctions. Unlike Al Qaeda terror network refer IS but only a small portion of his funds from large donors and was therefore not rely on transferring large sums of money across national borders. "We have no silver bullet to empty no secret weapon to the chests of IS overnight," said Cohen. . For extra information on this topic visit

PHOTOS. FIAC 2014: 10 rising values of contemporary art.

The Fiac is not the most famous fair for his work of clearing but these galleries exhibit artists whose value is changing. Between those barely 30 years old, from the generation post-Internet, followers of the multimedia or Immateriality, and other older late-hatched, it is time to sort. Untitled, 2006 © Courtesy of the artist and Petzel, New York among the participants, the France arrives in the lead with 48 galleries, followed by the United States (45), and Germany (26). Jennifer Flay, the Director of the Fiac, confided to AFP do not detect for this edition of dominant trend, in styles or in the media, as we have seen in the past with photographic works and video installations for example. At most can be noted among young artists a return to geometric abstraction on small formats. And Tamer-Morael to continue. It is hard to get out of real trends this year, but we saw much of young galleries with artists working in multimedia formats. We have seen several particularly immersive installations with a real job on the sound for example in Thomas Teurlai, exposed by Jérôme Pauchant. The works of Mustapha Azeroual or or Clément Cogitore are also to be monitored. Discover in the list below, 10 artists to follow present in the guide of contemporary art from 2000 to 2014, called the Art of the twenty-first century, published by Phaidon and which lists the most influential artworks produced since the year 2000. Related information can be found reading home page.

Iniesta: ‘classic is always a battle’.

The oto or it refuses to appear in Barcelona, but sico cl appears in the environment. It is an escalofr or out of House, which is embedded in the skin, which is sucked in when one walks down the street. Does not lack that Luis Enrique has to search all m to encourage his players, l deres in the League, so as you encounter with the desire to continue racking up wins. The warmth that n exists in the city just for this purpose. If it wasn’t enough, his pupils arrive with the locker of defeats in the Championship to zero. M s all prepare the party as we usually do bit of motivation there are extra n, because one motivated by s only, by everything around, which means the party as a rival and your team,. look at it as any other knowingly potential rival, minimizes Andr s Iniesta, second capit n Barcelona, common sense before the rich esf and micr phone. The FC Barcelona midfielder does not forget, by remembrance nico that meant to the Blue House and grana, 2-6 in Santiago Bernab u of the 2008-09 season, a win that pr practically put in the hands of his squadron that League. Cl there is no decisive basic s Saturday, yet with an eternity in the form of little m seven months of competition n ahead. But s warns of the need to overcome. Complicated is that is determinant with all points from left to play, but we must go with the mentality of winning, not with that we carry them four points and will keep you behind s. Neo err, that is because the intensity is high and we will have to watch from minute one. We have a mentality to win, not to see what happens, he argues. In this sense, is a battle of sinking the fleet on board the sped of the Bernab u. Habr that be attentive so do not fall tabs, so you can keep on the high seas of grass of the stadium one of the two contestants. What there do to survive? S not what har Real Madrid or what we will do. It is always a battle football dramatically speaking. Defenses have to impose, as the center of the field and the front, and there who be the best pr practically in all to win it. If he plays or not Bale changes his way of playing, but not ours. We have to make a good match and we have options, says Iniesta, though he knows that a point might be in com between Real Madrid and Barcelona: eviction n of the treasure of the bal n. The Madrid try to have it, be r ask to the Contras and find our spaces. We will try to be effective at specific moments, sums up the Middle, c mo at that position, in credit at the end this course, although equally committed and courageous when it comes to say that play where tell you coach. Presents a new editing cl n Basic. Versi n updated although qui n knows if improved. Because they are different meetings, for very even that they may seem the two teams before crossing the t nel locker rooms Saturday s. Sometimes one is below in the n classification and exceeded it, and others do not,. Be hotly disputed, with grand players simos, and us har be 100 percent to win. Madrid has a significant potential. Go to your field isn’t f cil because we have won games in the past to you. We must you have that respect and do the right thing. If so, we will have many chances to win, sentence. Adem s, sets aside a tribute, although you want to with all forces occur, whether or not immediate to their fulfilment n. fiesta Leo Messi est two targets to overcome the 251 to anot Telmo Zarra, and that will keep you, at the moment, as the maximum scorer hist rich League. If not s p public response, the nico s is that I like that achieved it, be a good will to the for us, be a good that I got it and eyelet exceeds it. It is something only that s not if be overcome, because the figures that they are to be n incre bles. But for l and the rest, is in the background. If not all celebrate it, be here, doesn’t matter. But eye happens because give us chances to win, says about his company ero, who has 22 goals in 27 cl musicians played. The only one that has marked this amount in history. Figures that produce escalofr you. Like knowing that approaches the game stops until the meteorolog to. . Related information can be read checking

Monks of Tibehirine: families accuse Algiers to block the investigation.

French families of the monks of Tibehirine urged Algeria to cooperate, finally delivering evidence where can finally come the truth about their killing in 1996, during the dark Decade of terrorism, near Medea, about 100 kilometers from the capital. Almost twenty years later, nothing is still cleared on the sponsors or the murderers of the french monks abducted from their monastery before be beheaded. Algiers always favours the Islamist thesis while testimonies evoke a blunder of the army. Thursday, the lawyer of the families denounced a "confiscation of evidence" by the Algeria which denied that the french investigating judge, Marc Trevidic, returned to France with levies made on the remains religious. During a press conference in Paris, Me Patrick Baudouin spoke of their "terrible disappointment" to see these investigations blocked ‘by this refusal to transfer by France of the Sham levies"by the team of judge Trevidic who made the week last in Algeria. If Me Baudouin acknowledged some ‘satisfaction to have finally been able to have this visit", very awaited by families, he deplored"a situation really more unacceptable than ever ". And counsel to insist: "one is trying to deny us the evidence that has been collected (,.). There is a confiscation of such evidence by the Algerian authorities and therefore a continuation of blocking and barriers we constantly met over the evolution of this file". According to him, if the deadlock persists "could infer that it is a kind of confession, for recognition of the involvement of the Algerian services". The official thesis of a crime committed by Islamists has been questioned and the investigation is also considering the track of a blunder of the Algerian army or manipulation of the Algerian military services to discredit the armed Islamic Group (GIA) or get rid of the seven monks. The expertise of the skulls of the monks, only parts of their recovered remains, had intended to try to shed light on the conditions of murder investigators, and particularly to help establish if the beheading was carried out before or after the death of the religious. A post-mortem decapitation could accredit the thesis of a manipulation to conceal the actual causes of death and make believe the involvement of the Islamists. Hoped for many years, the mission of french experts to the scene to work, finally, on the exact circumstances of the killings leads to a wall of local authorities. Of fifteen technicians including a forensic pathologist, led by anti-terrorism judge Marc Trévidic and his colleague Nathalie lice, the technical team had to put to work under the tutuelle of an Algerian judge. "And this has not happened," a judicial source told le Parisien. FR, for the return of the French mission last Saturday. Therefore, the Algerian authorities citing "national sovereignty", refused that samples taken from the monks are transferred to France for analysis. "We are outraged because their exams could lead to very significant advances. This was not obvious at the outset but the quality of the samples could provide valuable information, including whether finally the beheadings are ante or post-mortem. "We could also precisely date the date of the death of the monks, which is crucial," regrets the lawyer of the families. Thursday, Algiers has not responded to the accusations of the families of the monks. . For extra about this subject visit

Fight against Ebola: UN appeal to China to donate more.

China has sent a mobile laboratory to Sierra Leone in September first and since pledged 32 million dollars in aid money and equipment to West Africa and the WHO. Another six million will go to the world food programme. Also medical staff is on-site. It is about 200 people, originating in particular from Chinese Militärkrankenhäusern and since the SARS epidemic 11 years ago are trained in dealing with disease. The State television shows the Chinese volunteers in action at the friendship hospital in Freetown in Sierra Leone. The hospital was at the beginning of the month in an Ebola diagnosis Centre umgwandelt. We have housed patients in single rooms, so that we can better control infections and prevent new infections, reported the head of the team on television.   The Chinese companies help appear to be little – although they are the largest investors in West Africa. Now would be the time that they take massive, life-saving influence. The generosity is so low that felt the UN compelled to appeal to Chinese investors and to the super rich: I ask: where are the Chinese billionaires and their potential influence? Now, they could actually make a huge difference, Brett Rierson, China head of the UN’s World Food Programme said. In the United States alone, the Foundation of Microsoft founder of Bill Gates has pledged $50 million. And even the Federal Government has granted funds amounting to more than EUR 100 million in the fight against the deadly disease. But the UN appeal to China’s richest went so far as well as unheard. The Ambassador of Liberia reported this week in Beijing, he had received a single donation so far: 100 000 dollars from a construction company. . Similar data can be inspected visiting

Maximum caution in the Carlos III: Teresa will remain isolated and doctors with special costumes.

Doctors will continue bringing suit and Teresa will continue to be isolated. Cured Ebola, all precaucacion is low. The Teresa Romero nursing assistant will remain isolated in the Hospital Carlos III of Madrid until body fluids analysis confirms that there are no remains of the virus and doctors are convinced that there is no possibility of contamination. The head of the unit of infectious diseases of Carlos III and member of the medical team that attends to Romero, Jose Ramon Arribas, who has insisted that the patient will be isolated until we have assurances that there are no traces of virus in their fluids. Once all the analyzed body fluids are negative, then it may withdraw protection measures, said doctor Arribas, who said not to overtake a date that will end the isolation because each patient evolves in a different way. This doctor has insisted that at the time that we are convinced that there is no possibility of contamination, you can embrace your family and we will remove the protective measures. Apart from the recommendations of the World Health Organization (who), Arribas has pointed out that the medical team that attends to Teresa Romero has decided to opt for the utmost restraint and ensure that none of the body fluids have other viruses that can infect. Regarding the location of the auxiliary within the hospital, the doctor said that it belongs to the privacy of the patient, and has insisted that the highest precautionary measures being taken that are taken in other countries. Asked about the evolution of the State of health of Teresa, once free of the Ebola virus, Arribas has pointed out that a serious infection always requires quite a few days to recover the previous state of health. Arribas explained quarantine that will be submitted to the people who are attending Rosemary starts at the same moment in which it is determined that there is no possibility of contamination in the fluid. We are being very prudent when it comes to lifting contact precautions. It is described in the literature that some organic fluids can excrete the virus for some time despite the fact that the patient is cured, and we want to demonstrate that all fluids do not present any risk before you can remove the contact precautions, said in an interview with Antena 3 gathered by Europa Press. In his opinion, it is important that prevails the maximum prudence, since now you are in a very innovative in medicine field, since the experience that exist in Africa cannot be applied directly to a developed country. The recovery should go for fasesEste expert pointed out that there are several stages in the maturation process of the virus, one is the healing of the patient that is cured, and meets the clinical criteria of cure; another phase is when the precautionary measures of contact with the patient, in this case can be lifted, it reiterated, we are being extremely cautious, although it admits that they would already be as determined by health agencies. Currently are determining that there is no material of the virus in any other organic fluid other than blood, we’ve detected in some material fluid of the viruses that we do not know if it is relevant from the point of view of contagion, to that must make a crop that takes days to confirm results and, for this reason, are going to take very cautiously the withdrawal of contact precautions. When in doubt of a hypothetical contagion to have sexual intercourse, clarifies in this case refers to risk 7 weeks, but there are few patients that after the acute phase the proof of certain body fluids has been made. On the other hand, has confirmed that since it began to treat infected Western patients has been a permanent contact to international medical groups. We have weekly teleconferences to share experiences and possible efficiencies or non-experimental treatments, he explained. Arribas, who has not entered into if Romero has expressed a desire to donate plasma, has pointed out that donations is a recommendation of the World Health Organization (,.), there is much interest in patients who survive to donate to analyze serum, but today we do not know if these patients serum contains antibodies that may be useful for disease managementIt is one of the big questions. Today we do not know if these products are beneficial for patients, it is a completely altruistic donation and those who do it contribute least to scientific progress so that we know if it works or not, he added. . You must click the following to learn more about this amazing topic.

Assad’s Government: we support the Kurds.

The Syrian Government in Damascus claimed to militarily assist the Kurdish people defense units (YPG) in Kobans in their fight against the terrorist group "Islamic State". "The State has along with his armed forces and his aircraft supports the city militarily and logistically and equipped them with ammunition and weapons", information Minister Omran al said Zohbi on Wednesday. Assad should try to prevent in particular the case of Kobanes in the hands of Sunni extremists, because that could give Turkey the opportunity to establish a protection zone on Syrian territory. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks Assad’s overthrow. At the same time Ankara of creating a Kurdish autonomy zone in Syria wants to avoid, why it impedes a stronger armament of the defenders of Kobanes differently than Assad. Also the dispatch of Iraqi Kurdish Pesh delayed further due to the Turkish delaying tactics units. Only the YPG and the Syriac Kurdish woman guerrilla YPJ resisted against the jihadists, together with some units of the free Syrian army (FSA) so far, the Chairman of Canton Kobans, Enver said Muslim. Kaniya Karunanidhi and Botan districts were still under the control of the IS. Also the jihadists further attacked the remaining area of the city with rockets. The Iraqi Kurdish Parliament wanted to meet a decision on a possible dispatch of Pesh fighters on Wednesday. . For extended information about this topic click

A nazi submarine found off the coast of the United States.

A pave of German submarine and a merchant ship American am, dating from World War II, were at the bottom of the Atlantic off the coast of the c covered d your North Carolina announced Tuesday authorities s am U.S, These ships were ill during the battle of the Atlantic in 1942 and were thus missing from more than seven decades d in an area better known as the Cimeti re of the Atlantic. Site o rests pave it the submarine is regarded as a military re by the Germany cimeti and prot g by international law. Provided the Germany hasn’t expressed its interest in r cup ration of the remains of U-576 and will not take part such a project, has indicated the Ministry German of affairs trang res in a communiqu. They are under a sp special protection and should, if possible, keep this place to allow the dead to rest in peace, he added. � . Additional facts can be found checking

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