Manifestation of notaries: we are not annuitants!.

Around the world by Daft Punk sounds place de la République in Paris. The atmosphere is good child but thousands of notaries and notarial studies, signs and banners brandished high, employees are there to listen to the speech of their representatives and defend their cause. Dressed in vast majority of middies with the slogan for a made in France notarial or a life without notary, it is you who do fees, notaries are protesting against the proposed reform of the regulated professions. It provides, inter alia, to break their monopoly on the writing of acts (sales of homes for example). According to the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF), notaries would benefit from rent-seeking, a monopoly on their activities and would apply too far apart the actual costs of production rates. Finally, the image of the old notary in technical language, drowned in the papers, to life lasts. The business suffers its archaic image completely but the problem is that the State impose us rules and paperwork, one is obliged to do with. If we could get rid of it, it would be favourable, says Alexander, notary trainee of 25 years. Even on this side, the profession knows evolve, as Aurélie, Poitiers from solicitor’s clerk pointed out: now, we’re doing electronic acts. And in addition we protect forests!

Sweeteners increase the risk of diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners, widely advocated in recent years as the tools of prevention of obesity and diabetes, could in fact lead to metabolic changes and contribute to aggravating the risk of diabetes, according to a study published Wednesday. Used in many foods or beverages, such as light soft drinks, cereal and desserts, the artificial sweeteners (or intense sweeteners) are substances that have a very high sweetening power but are not calories. By studying the impact of artificial sweeteners on lab mice and a small group of seven people, researchers have discovered that they were disrupting the composition and function of the intestinal flora. Artificial sweeteners have been widely introduced in our diet with the idea of reducing caloric and normalize blood glucose levels in questioning our appetite for sugar remind researchers in the British scientific journal Nature. But they add our work suggests that artificial sweeteners may have directly contributed to strengthen the epidemic they were supposed to fight. The experience was to add three very common sweeteners – aspartame, sucralose and saccharin – water ingested by mice at the tolerable daily intakes established by the American FDA health agency and adjusted to the weight of the animals. The mice developed an intolerance to glucose unlike those that had ingested only water or water containing sugar. The experiment was repeated on other mice and at varying doses of sweeteners, with always the same result. Glucose intolerance occurs when the body reacts less to the effects of insulin and must redouble efforts to control sugar levels in the blood. It is frequently observed in the pre-diabetic States. Suspecting the intestinal flora to be involved in the phenomenon, researchers have transplanted droppings from mice fed with sweeteners in mice without their own bacteria with antibiotic treatment. The latter presented in turn a glucose intolerance, suggesting that changes in microbial flora had a negative impact on their metabolism. The researchers then tested their hypothesis on seven volunteers who did not used to consuming sweeteners. After seven days received the tolerable daily intakes, four of them showed high levels of glucose and changes of their intestinal flora. According to Dr. Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute in Israel, some bacteria may interact with chemicals sweeteners – which are not absorbed by the intestine – secreting inflammatory reactions exacerbating metabolic disorders such as diabetes or glucose intolerance. These results invite a review of the uncontrolled of these substances and massive consumption today, he believes. Researchers, however, remain very cautious, stressing that their research should be reproduced in larger scale on the man. Other studies on sweeteners had so far led to contradictory results with regard to the impact on weight loss or the glucose tolerance. .

Librairie Delamain: reassuring news.

Yesterday, Angelo Rinaldi, academician and frequenter of the bookstore, said loud and clear its support for the House. The intellectual and literary creme went through the bookshop Delamain, prince Napoleon to Michel Foucault. "It’s saying if the range is broad" smiles Angelo Rinaldi. "Emmanuel Berl, white scarf around the neck, bought its tobacco side and then going to buy his books." Léon-Paul Fargue, Jean Cocteau, Colette, Aragon,. So many writers who had their habits to the 155, rue Saint-Honoré. Angelo Rinaldi, brimming with anecdotes, tells that Colette, nailed to the bed by her osteoarthritis, sent his housekeeper looking books at Delamain. "A bookstore to the Balzac," in the tradition of Shakespeare & Co, another historic sign of the city of Paris, frequented by writers of yesterday and today. Parisian bookstores were held by iconic editors, such as Sylvia Beach and Adrienne Monnier-Cino Del Duca. And the bookseller became the confidant of the client and the writers. Angelo Rinaldi takes the example of Adrienne Monnier sliding ear of James Joyce: "You should still meet Proust." One evening, the two men will take the taxi together. Not to say a Word. .

Judicial responsibility, the Government puts the trust on an amendment of the League.

The Minister Maria Elena Woods has placed the trust on an amendment of the Northern League to European law ddl that would introduce the civil liability of magistrates. Senator del Carroccio Stefano Candiani, author of the proposal, noting that protested "from 1986, Fanfani Government, prehistory of the first Republic, was not the reliance on a single amendment" and added: "we’ve bent the Government, bringing out its inconsistencies". The point is that on the responsibility of judges there is a Government text (already approved by the Council of Ministers) and in the Senate, where the numbers of the majority are dancers for its patchwork nature, trust serves the Executive to avoid unpleasant surprises. Soon after, the sitting is suspended and you’re bringing the Conference of Group Chairmen. "We are facing the usual contradiction: not seen since 1986, Fanfani Government, a Government that placed the issue of reliance on a single amendment. Did you go to fish out the worst habits of the first Republic for measures which should have a normal procedure. We are faced with a Government that doesn’t have confidence in its majority, "said classroom Candiani, according to which" we must confront this subject calmly because you can’t always wait for returning to a future measure that defines the civil liability of magistrates ".  "It is worth mentioning that the amendment on civil liability of magistrates, to block which the Government has even posed the question of trust, was approved with a large majority in the House," she reinforced the dose Sen. Lucio Barani of Large Autonomy and Freedom Group. .

Pact with Al Qaeda and global recruitment: the Caliph blinda jihad.

The jihadist unit is the most important result for Al-Baghdadi, who last year rebelled to the Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri under Jubat to challenge Syria to Antakya, emanation of Afghan-Pakistani Central. Al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the two organisations Al Qaeda fiercer, in a joint statement with a Pact of allegiance to Al-Baghdadi secessionist asking the ‘ jihadist brothers» of «stop killing us one another to unite against the American campaign and unholy coalition that threatens us. "   The most striking case is Gouri Abdelmalek, military leader of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, which earlier this week announced the emergence of the soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria moved to Al Baghdadi. In the weeks preceding the Caliph had earned the loyalty of three cells of Al Qaeda Salafi groups in Morocco and Jordan but also in August from Sinai was reached of membership by Bayt al Maqqdis, the jihadists of Sinai.   A commander of Bayt al-Maqqdis explains to Reuters the agreement with Isis: «we communicate via the web, teach us to give ‘ operations. Perhaps this is why, since August, has been raising the number of Egyptian soldiers and collaborators of Israel» that Bayt al Maqqdis cut his head, turning the beheading of enemies in a kind of signature of the Caliphate. The Bedouin of the Sinai collaboration allows Isis-according to Israel Police-of ‘ search for recruits among Israeli Arabs and tribes of the Negev» managing to find volunteers like Rabiya Shahade, 26 years of Hebron, that in video promises to "drink the blood of Shiites and Alawites».   But it is looking farther East that you realize the effectiveness of recruitment of Isis that from the beginning of the U.s. raid in Iraq got the ‘ accession ‘ of 4 Afghan-pakistani jihadi groups and 4 of Kashmir as well as cells of the Maldives, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines share the belief that "the Caliphate is required as the Jihad." But that’s not all because his moves are also tactics: in last night reacted to Us raid South of Baghdad and ordered soldiers to "create artillery emplacements cashed in the ground», be distributed on the territory in small groups and" move quickly "to make it harder for U.s. raid missions. Nothing to be surprised if the Saudi Foreign Minister, Saud al-Faisal, predicts that Isis ‘ war will last at least 10 years.   .

EU referendum of independence: a leap into the unknown?

The EEC was confronted with the proclamation of independence of 2 territories belonging to one of its Member States (Algeria in the 1960s, Greenland in the 1990s), but this independence was accompanied by a desire to no longer be part of the construction European. The independence referendum in Scotland is conversely organized by leaders who want to keep their new status in the EU, and which are also often very favourable to European construction. The eventual victory of the ‘yes’ would therefore create an unprecedented situation for the EU leaders, who cannot rely on clear authority to formulate what would be their reaction and those of the Member States. Their caution also follows from the neutrality observed by the EU with regard to the internal political life of its Member States. Article 4. 2 of the Treaty on European Union establishes as well as "The Union respects the equality of Member States before the treaties as well as their national identity, inherent in their fundamental structures, political and constitutional, including in what concerns local and regional self-government". This means that the Member States are organized as they wish (the Spain is regionalised, the Germany and the Belgium have a federal system, etc.) and that the EU is not intended to interfere in the debate on their constitutional structures, including that very broad internal autonomy would be preferable to outright independence. It also means that the EU should consider adapting its relations with these States when their structures would have been profoundly modified following a proclamation of independence, and that it cannot today think openly about such a "plan B". The relative prudence of the EU derives probably finally a fix to "read and approved" a regional separatism which takes down the Brussels idea according to which ‘the union is strength. Even if they profess ‘unity in diversity’, most of the leaders of the EU are inherently cautious facing identity aspirations that seem anachronistic at the time where globalization calls to regroup its forces to be more influential with powers such as China, the Russia, the United States, the Brazil, etc. They may however say the pro-independence aspirations faced a real political echo in several EU countries, and that they expressed through democratic means. It would therefore be particularly tricky for them to take a position in a referendum which will be at least the merit of check if a majority of the citizens concerned is favourable or not to the creation of new nation-States on European soil. These accession negotiations could take place in parallel to those conducted between the "separatist State" and its current state, a period where he would remain a member of that State, and thus of the EU. They might occur during or after a transition period of several quarters opened by a "declaration of independence" (related to a victory in the referendum) and by a "proclamation of independence" devoting the formal birth of a new State. The strong economic, financial and human interdependence established between Scotland, the rest of its state of belonging and the EU could plead for a constructive solution. The fate of the current ‘European citizens’ of this region would be probably relied on, including the ECJ, even if it could confirm that to be a citizen of the EU presupposes to be a citizen of one of its Member States. The fact that the acquis communautaire is already fully implemented in Scotland could facilitate the conduct of accession negotiations, although they should also review the complex balance established in terms of institutional weight of Member States and financial relations with the EU. The first element of uncertainty concerning the exact nature of the divorce with the State of belonging: If, as in Scotland, he took part in the outcome of a referendum accepted in principle by the central State and on the basis of a contractual compromise, it is possible that this central State could bring himself to recognize his new neighbor, and then does not prevent its commitment to joining the EU. In the case of independence conflict on the form (principle of the referendum) as on the bottom, as this seems to be the case in Catalonia, the benevolence of the State who felt wounded would be much more hypothetical, although the need to find ways of mutually beneficial coexistence could lead to pragmatism. The second element of uncertainty relates to the attitude adopted by the other members against "independence State. The 5 EU countries did not recognize the independence of Kosovo have one thing in common: that you want to contain separatism more or less pronounced, because it comes to Spain (Catalonia), Cyprus and Greece (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), but also of the Romania and Slovakia (which count large Hungarian minorities). Can this position of principle prejudice to their attitude towards the desire for independence of Scotland and their desire not to create a precedent by accepting its accession to the EU?

In Quebec, teens grow up through improvisation.

Improv Games, it is sport, but without the selective and highly competitive side. Everyone can participate, even and especially the large timid, explains Sophie Caron, age 44, of the National League of Improvisation (LNI), who spends half of his life in secondary schools in Quebec (or students from 12-17 years) to train and teach. Discipline is swarming at full speed in the schools of the province. Me, I was hired first because I was coach in improvisation, smiles François-Xavier Dupuy, 25 years, responsible for the service to students at the Collège de Montréal, a downtown private secondary school. That is if the discipline is considered central. Why? Because even if you’re dunce or introvert or no one in sport, you make happy, and you make an incredible band of friends. From that moment, you feel much better at school and you feel like hang you, says Sophie Caron, who owes her love for improvisation have pushed his studies until the University. .

Fighting in the Iraq: Chief of staff of Dempsey does not rule out ground troops against IS militia.

The American Chief of staff Martin Dempsey not generally otherwise excludes the use of ground troops in the fight against the radical militia Islamic State (IS) than President Barack Obama. In a hearing before the Senate Dempsey said that American military advisers could "join the Iraqi army units in operations against the ‘Islamic State’ (IS) in the field". So far Obama has ruled out only last week a combat mission from Americans on the ground the President in relation to the deployment of American soldiers said: "these troops are not sent in a combat mission. We will allow ground war involve us again in the Iraq. "The American Government talks so far explicitly by military advisers Instead of fighting forces, because Obama ("boots on the ground") strongly rejects the use of"Boots on the ground". In such a case, he would advise the President to send special units, which should operate in the form of a "close combat advice or accompaniment" and help the Iraqi leader of command on the ground, how exactly the troops attacking their targets. Obama had in the last week in a speech to the nation announcing the extension of the anti-terrorist fight against the IS. The Congress questioned Defense Minister Chuck hail and Dempsey to the strategy. Previously, the US air force had bombed for the first time a target southwest of the capital Baghdad to assist Iraqi forces. American warplanes had attacked extremists previously only in the North of the country. .

School rhythms: the school already absorbs 30% of the municipal budget, you can not do more.

Must be first pr refining than in June, when we have them consult s, 80% of the parents of the municipality were s opposite the establishment of this r form – and they are still, as teachers of the school. It is a decision made in common, which is not policy. The problem, it is that Gazenville we have the premises, nor the funding to offer more activities p riscolaires. We fight d j 30 years to keep this school and its three classes in the village, while it absorbs it only 30% of the municipal budget. Cannot do more, it’s impossible. Well s r not. Working parents, sometimes far away. Before this r form, there is d day for our 75 l ves a canteen, assur e by a restorer of the village, a daycare centre after the cole, and the homework help. FOC daycare time, which will begin 45 minutes more so we t t, 3: 45 p.m. instead of 4: 30 p.m., which represented presents a big surco t for the municipality, without any b n fice suppl additional for children. I understand the interest of this r form for cities in s difficult, but with us, all children spend in 6th without problem, there is no need of a. The Government would have better need to focus on the difficult neighbourhoods, to give them more than others. G n generalize this r form all the communes, it is anything. � .

Egypt: Djoser pyramid has not been damaged according to the Government.

Egypt has attempted to put an end to a controversy about the restoration of the pyramid of Djoser which would, according to information from press, damaged this famous old pharaonic monument of more than 4. 600 years. The Egyptian media reported these days information according to which the pyramid, which dominates the necropolis of Saqqara, about 20 km South-West of Cairo, had been damaged due to these works. You’ve seen the pyramid from the inside. It is not destroyed, she is not in danger, the restoration work unfold smoothly, said the Minister of the antiques Mamdouh al-Damati during a press conference held on the site of the pyramid, asking media to check their information before convey rumors. He had previously allowed journalists to enter the inside of the pyramid by small groups. Egyptian NGOs have also criticized the work of restoration, believing that they alter the original appearance of the monument. There is a visual difference between the part (of the pyramid) that has already been restored and the rest of the monument, so stated to AFP Marwa Al-Zeiny, specialist in the restoration of antiques. The part which has been restored gives the impression that it is a new pyramid, which contravenes international standards, she specified. Ms. Zeiny also questioned the choice of the company responsible for the work, Al-Chourbagui, considering that it did not have the necessary experience in this field. It also called for setting up a Committee of international experts independent to evaluate the work and determine if the pyramid was in danger or not. The Executive Director of the project for Al-Chourbagui, Michel Farid Ghobrial, who was present Tuesday on the site, denied the accusations, saying it depicted the pyramid the appearance it had during its construction. The renovation project began in 2006 but was interrupted since February 2013 due to lack of funds, he told AFP. High nearly 60 meters, the pyramid is considered the oldest building in the world built entirely in stone. It was commissioned by the Pharaoh Djoser of the third dynasty and was built around 2. 700 BC. .

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