The archives of the French Revolution now available on Internet

Trove of Images From the French Revolution Now Available Online ...

The French Revolution scanned text and images. No less than 82 volumes of transcript of proceedings at meetings between 1789 and 1794, accompanied by 14. 000 iconographic documents published between 1787 and 1799 are now available on an online platform. "This is a unique portal of its kind, says Corinne Le Bitouzé, curator at the National Library of France (BNF), which collaborated on the project. It allows to research that combine text and images, creating a unique resource for historians of the French Revolution. "The BnF shared his documentary mass, while Stanford University has provided technical know-how in the design of the platform. The project took more than two years of collaboration between the two institutions.

Hosted at Stanford, the platform in the form of a historical frieze. It allows a chronological consultation documents around major periods: the convocation of the Estates General in 1788, Terror in 1792 or the Vendée revolt of 1793-1795. Search "full text" developed by Stanford can scan the mass of documents in search of a keyword. But the site also offers a search by proper names (Louis XVI, Robespierre or La Fayette) or by document type. The mass of images was carefully sorted and documented by the BNF, which allows you to search by chapters (great days, holidays and celebrations, allegories and symbols …) but also by artist, subject, person or place . "We would love to expand this project to other historical periods, slip Corinne Le Bitouzé. We have more than 200. 000 prints, drawings, photographs and usable posters on the history of France. " Main facts may be studied reading the following

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